Michael Quinones’s Newly Released “Preacher In The Dark: Stepping out of the Shadows Into the Light” is a Powerful Testament to God’s Light – PR.com


Lancaster, PA, February 22, 2024 –(PR.com)– “Preacher In The Dark: Stepping out of the Shadows Into the Light”: a potent reminder of the dangers of succumbing to temptation. “Preacher In The Dark: Stepping out of the Shadows Into the Light” is the creation of published author, Michael Quinones.

Quinones shares, “Hearing your pastor preach and teach freedom every Sunday and Wednesday, watching and listening to a well-known televangelist speak about a life of victory sounds so amazing. But when you leave the temple or turn off your television, you’re left with the reality you live in. You go to church, but you are not free. Knowing that you need to tell someone what is happening to you and what you’re going through, but you are wrestling with the fear of the condemnation and shame that your own brothers and sisters in the church will unleash on you.

“Sounds familiar? This is the reality of so many within the body of Christ. For so long, many people, even ministers, lived in the dark while preaching the light of God. Large crowds, honorarium checks, flights to many places around the world, and even fame often accompanies those who preach the Word of God. Being a pastor does not exclude you from hiding. So many are hiding and using the pulpit as a cover to escape the shame that accompanies a sinful lifestyle.

“In ‘Preacher in The Dark,’ Michael Quiñones lets you in on his life’s journey and struggle to be free of the darkness he lived for most of his ministerial career. Michael details the strategy of the enemy on how he keeps people in darkness. He explains familiar spirits and generational curses. He teaches how the enemy even uses food to enslave believers.

“In this book, you will travel through Michael’s breakthrough and see how God set him free from the lustful, adulterous lifestyle Satan prepared for him as many other men and women experience this same situation. Rather than hiding, you will discover the power of confession and the freedom it brings because God has called us to live a life in his glorious light. Today is the day that you say, ‘Enough!’ Enough with living in the shadows. You will step out of darkness and into the light of God!”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Michael Quinones’s new book will resonate with many who have found themselves unexpectedly cast away from the light of God.

Consumers can purchase “Preacher In The Dark: Stepping out of the Shadows Into the Light” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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