Michael White, Candidate for State Representative, Urges Legislative Action to Enhance Public Safety Following Tragic ATF Raid – PR.com


Little Rock, AR, March 24, 2024 –(PR.com)– Michael White, a candidate for State Representative in District 75, vehemently condemns the recent events surrounding the death of Bryan Malinowski, the executive director of the Little Rock airport, during an ATF raid on his home, and calls for urgent legislative action to enhance public safety and protect civil liberties.

According to reports, Bryan Malinowski was fatally shot during an exchange of gunfire with ATF agents who were serving a search warrant at his residence in west Little Rock. The circumstances surrounding the raid have raised significant questions and criticisms, highlighting the need for stricter guidelines and oversight mechanisms.

“Arkansas law enforcement resources should not be deployed in federal matters unless there is an immediate public danger or innocent life is in danger,” stated Michael White. “We must establish a high burden of proof of such a threat to ensure that the involvement of our state’s law enforcement agencies in federal operations is justified and necessary.”

White emphasized that legislative action is crucial to prevent the misuse of law enforcement resources and safeguard against unnecessary and dangerous raids. “This is not only about protecting the rights of individuals; it’s about making our communities safer for everyone, including law enforcement officers,” White asserted.

Furthermore, White underscored the potential risks associated with aggressive law enforcement tactics, highlighting the possibility of law-abiding citizens mistaking raids for criminal intrusions and inadvertently defending themselves. “In situations where aggressive tactics are employed, there is a real danger that law-abiding citizens could mistake law enforcement actions for criminal intrusions and respond in self-defense,” White warned. “We must take proactive measures to prevent such tragic misunderstandings and ensure the safety of all individuals involved.”

“In light of this tragedy, it is imperative that we work together to enact meaningful reforms that prioritize community safety while upholding civil liberties and constitutional rights. Basically, these types of raids should be the rare exception, not the common rule. And while we cannot tell the Federal Government what to do, we don’t have to aid them in their actions either,” White concluded.

Media Contact: Michael White