Mississippi Native and Social Impact Career Coach Dr. Kristy Taylor Releases New WORxKBooks Journal Line – PR.com


Washington, D.C., DC, May 21, 2024 –(PR.com)– Dr. Kristy Taylor, a Social Impact Career Coach hailing from Mississippi, is excited to announce the debut of WORxKBooks: Mission Driven Career Inspiration, a series of nine uplifting blank notebooks tailored to empower leaders in social impact endeavors. These elegantly designed notebooks showcase cover art meticulously selected to ignite inspiration and fuel the drive for positive change within communities and beyond.

More than mere notebooks, WORxKBooks serve as catalysts for profound transformation. Each blank page encourages users to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowering them to shape their impact-driven careers and lives. Dr. Taylor, the driving force behind WORxK Solutions, LLC, affirms, “Our mission is centered on empowering professionals with a passion for driving change to realize their full potential and effect meaningful transformations.”

This launch follows the resounding success of the WORxK Solutions 2024 Mental Health Matters Summit, where Dr. Taylor and her team led discussions focused on mental health advocacy and workplace support. As WORxK Solutions transitions into the social impact sector, WORxKBooks seamlessly aligns with the company’s dedication to instigating positive change and nurturing inclusivity.

In a heartfelt commitment to supporting aspiring leaders, 20% of proceeds from WORxKBooks sales will fund scholarships for women participating in WORxK Solutions, LLC workshops and courses. This initiative underscores Dr. Taylor’s fervent commitment to dismantling barriers and providing equitable access to valuable resources for women striving to make a difference.

WORxKBooks are now available for purchase on Amazon, offering individuals a unique opportunity not only to enrich their personal journeys but also to actively contribute to the growth and development of future leaders in the realm of social impact.

This remarkable collection features the following nine journals:
– Activists at Work (WORxK)
– Changemakers at Work (WORxK)
– Communities at Work (WORxK)
– Diversity at Work (WORxK)
– Educators at Work (WORxK)
– Entrepreneurs at Work (WORxK)
– Leaders at Work (WORxK)
– Nurses at Work (WORxK)
– Women at Work (WORxK)

By opting for WORxKBooks, customers not only invest in their own growth but also contribute to scholarships for women participating in WORxK Solutions, LLC workshops and courses, furthering Dr. Taylor’s unwavering commitment to uplifting and supporting aspiring leaders.