Naomi Rodgers’s New Book “Blood in the Snow” is the Thrilling Story of a Woman Who Goes Out Searching for Greener Pastures Only to Find Herself in a Deadly Love Triangle –

Springfield, OH, February 16, 2024 –(– Naomi Rodgers, a gifted author who works as a lunch lady at a technical high school, has completed her new book, “Blood in the Snow”: a gripping and potent tale of how a hopeful young woman makes it out of the frying pan and into the fire.

“Smoke poured from my car as the songs on my phone shuffled to some rap song I hadn’t heard in years,” writes Rodgers. “‘This is going to be good for me. I can start over.’ I repeated to myself as I merged onto a new highway. Choking on the smoke only made me higher, which made me chat with myself more. ‘I am going to live my best life down there. It’s going to be great. Yes, I’m moving into an apartment I’ve never seen with my own eyes, but maybe things will go my way. Who knows, maybe I’ll get down there and everything will finally go right in my life for a change.’ I glanced in the rearview mirror to make sure Lorenzo was still behind me before getting onto the next exit.”

Published by Page Publishing, Naomi Rodgers’s riveting tale follows Lana Hopskins, an elementary school teacher in a scandal-filled school. Fed up with her mundane life, her tumultuous job, and overbearing mother, Lana decides she needs a new start. She makes plans to leave Ohio and travel south to Georgia, moving into an apartment sight unseen and taking up a job at a nearby gas station.

Things are looking up for Lana until she is confronted by unexpected love in two forms. She is reunited with an old lover from Ohio who she never truly lost feelings for. Making things more complicated, she meets a new man who brings her a much needed and almost foreign sense of peace. Lana has a grueling decision to make, but either way, one of these three isn’t making it out of this love triangle alive.

Readers who wish to experience this electrifying work can purchase “Blood in the Snow” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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