New Book “Dreamhaus” by Award Winning Director Michael “Boogie” Pinckney is a Gripping Psychological Thriller That Delves Into the World of Multiple Personality Disorder –

Dallas, TX, April 04, 2024 –(– Boogievision Creative Studio is thrilled to announce the publication of “Dreamhaus,” a gripping psychological thriller that marks the literary debut of acclaimed film director Michael “Boogie” Pinckney. Known for his work on influential projects such as “Inside Man,” “Precious,” and the award-winning film “The Trade,” Pinckney brings his cinematic expertise to the written word, crafting a tale as haunting as it is unforgettable.

About the Book:

In “Dreamhaus,” readers are plunged into the tumultuous life of Tiffany Chambers, a woman ensnared by the chilling grasp of multiple personality disorder. Tiffany finds herself torn between two alter egos: one embodying kindness and gentleness, the other harboring sinister intentions. This internal conflict escalates as her malevolent side seeks to dominate, driven by dark desires and a craving for control.

As Tiffany’s behavior spirals out of control, her once strong bonds with family and friends begin to fray. Those closest to her are forced into a painful dilemma—watching someone they love to disappear before their eyes while struggling with the fear of what she might become. “Dreamhaus” delves deep into the harrowing journey of a woman battling for her soul against her own darkest impulses.

About the Film:

The film, “Dreamhaus,” was adapted from the book and starts Destiny Washington in the title role of Tiffany and and is slated for a fall 2024 release. The First Look teaser for the film was recently released.

From the Director’s Chair to the Author’s Desk:

Michael “Boogie” Pinckney’s transition from the silver screen to the page brings a fresh, dynamic voice to the thriller genre. With “Dreamhaus,” he explores the depths of human psychology, crafting a narrative that is both a page-turner and a profound examination of identity, control, and the struggle for redemption.

Pinckney’s directorial expertise, honed through years of storytelling in film and television, imbues the novel with vivid imagery and intense emotional depth. Readers will find themselves on the edge of their seats, captivated by Tiffany’s struggle and the book’s relentless pace.

Praise for “Dreamhaus”:
“Dreamhaus” is already generating buzz among critics and readers alike, hailed as a “masterful exploration of the human psyche” and “a psychological thriller that pushes boundaries.”

“Dreamhaus” is available for purchase in paperback and e-book on Amazon and at

About the Author:
Michael “Boogie” Pinckney is not just a trailblazer in the film industry but now a compelling voice in the literary world. With “Dreamhaus,” he continues to explore themes of struggle, resilience, and the human condition, cementing his place as a storyteller of immense talent and depth.

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About The Creator:
Michael got his start as an assistant director on films such as “Inside Man” and “Precious” as well as TV shows like “Broad City” and “Law & Order CI” before transitioning to writing and directing. His feature film debut “You’re Nobody Til Somebody Kills You” was distributed by Lionsgate and Executive Produced by Spike Lee. He wrote and directed “The Trade” the Award-Winning film about sex trafficking and the pilot for “Blue Flame”, a new series about an all-female undercover police unit. His film “God Bless You” has gotten over 3.5 million views on YouTube. Closing the year with his feature documentary “Trafficked: Survival Stories,” which delves deep into the life and journey of three survivors recently premiered on TUBI. Along with directing the heartwarming Christmas movie, “He Who Findeth,” “6 Minutes to Glory,” a 7-part docu-series about Hbcu marching bands for Aspire TV and “Dreamhaus” the first film in his trilogy book series, which is slated for a Summer 2024 release. He also was a part of the writer’s team and directed an episode for season 3 of the anthology TV series “Terror Lake Drive” for the AllBlk network. Up next for Michael is the TUBI original film Killer Beat which he wrote for MarVista Entertainment and is slated to be release Fall 2024.

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