New Charging Station for Schools to Love

COLUMBUS, Wis., Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A Wisconsin manufacturing company that has gained national recognition for award-winning products recently added a new product to their lineup.

The Flex20 USB is one of the latest products to come from PowerGistics, a metal manufacturer that makes innovative charging stations for laptops, Chromebooks and smaller devices.  The Flex20 USB is a vertical charging Tower that can be mounted to the wall.  It features a side locking door that encloses the USB PDU and charging cords.  While previous designs of PowerGistics wall-mounted Towers stored the cables in the back, this new design allows for access to the cables while the unit stays on the wall. 

Another welcome feature of the Flex20 USB is the ability to mount a 20-shelf unit on a Flex Roller.  While other units can accommodate 20 shelves on a Stand, or 16 shelves on a Roller, this is the first PowerGistics charging station to give the maximum flexibility and mobility with 20 devices.

PowerGistics charging Towers are known for being vertical charging stations, as opposed to the commonly referred to “carts” that are typically seen in schools.  The carts are shorter, wider and usually designed for devices to be stored upright.  In order to save space in already crowded classrooms, PowerGistics designs their charging stations to be vertical and house the devices laying flat, in their intended position.  This design keeps devices protected and in better condition for longer, saving schools money on new device purchases.

The Flex20 USB is true to the PowerGistics vertical design, but with a shorter height and lower center of gravity, allowing students of all ages to easily access their devices.  

PowerGistics has kept other classic design features with the Flex20 USB, such as the colorful shelves, open door design, and maintenance-free cable management.  It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, like other PowerGistics products. 

The Flex20 USB is bound to be the next PowerGistics charging station teachers love using in their classroom. 

The company also recently released the FLEX20 BOLT, which has the same design, but also includes a USB-C to USB-C PDU for faster charging.

PowerGistics designs, manufactures and ships charging and storage stations from their Columbus, WI facility.  While the company primarily sells into schools, businesses and healthcare facilities have also found success with the charging stations. 

To learn more, visit the PowerGistics website at  Or call to speak with a member of their team at 201-389-9940.

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