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Chattanooga, TN, December 20, 2023 –(– Now available, MoveStrong launches some exciting new equipment to choose from when planning or expanding any indoor or outdoor gym. The new tools to be added are part of the Indoor/Outdoor Functional Strength Training Tools series, that includes free weights, obstacles and pre-set site designs with enhanced features based on continued improvement in design and product development.

Starting off with the Rhino Bag 2.0, MoveStrong brings back one of the most popular and diverse strength training tools in the company’s product line. The patent design allows to lift, flip, throw, drop, grasp or hoist overhead to create workouts that are everything but boring and challenge every muscle.

Athletes can build true real world strength by stabilizing and maneuvering the rhino bag through an endless variety of exercises. Three different sizes that vary in weight suit any fitness level and goal.

A set of padded kettlebells with a patent design allowing for a combination of kettlebell and medicine ball exercises is another tool that brings functional strength training to the line-up.

Not only do kettlebell exercises improve strength and power, they also promote better mobility, range of motion, core stability and build endurance. Kettlebells are a simple, yet effective tool for full body workouts, that offer numerous exercises that can be performed among all fitness levels. The set of four includes 10lb, 20lb, 30lb and 40lb, designed for commercial use.

Both items feature weather resistant materials for both indoor and outdoor functional training and are an ideal addition to any training site. Available for pre-order now.

The third item completing the current selection are MoveStrong’s training tires – a staple among athletes aiming to improve strength and conditioning. 80 Kg or 100 Kg tires are available to flip end over end to build true functional strength and power. Contoured grip holds on each side of the tire assist with gripping when needed. MoveStrong’s training tires are in stock and ready to ship to your site any time.

About Company
– MoveStrong offers customized gym equipment, outdoor fitness courses, training accessories, and apparel.
– We accompany all customers through the whole project with the support of budget, design, layout, construction, installation, equipment configuration, and education on the final fitness site for the most efficient use.
– Mainly industrial customers for outdoor fit ground and obstacle courses, including recreation centers, parks, health clubs, schools, military, fire and EMT, law enforcement, obstacle course races.
– Made in USA

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