New Principled Technologies Report and Infographic Reveal the Enhanced Durability of the Dell Latitude 5440 Laptop –

Durham, NC, January 29, 2024 –(– Principled Technologies (PT) conducted two tests to explore the physical durability of the Dell Latitude 5440 laptop: a drop test comparing the Dell system against an HP EliteBook 640 G10, and an independent scratch test to evaluate the strength of the protective paint coating.

In the drop test, the Dell Latitude 5440 was still functional after 30 drops from 30 inches, dramatically outperforming the HP EliteBook 640 G10, which was rendered unusable after just 17 drops. According to the report, “The tougher, more durable Dell Latitude 5440 could minimize downtime due to loss of functionality or time out for repair while reducing the possibility of costly fixes or replacements.”

In scratch testing that PT conducted in accordance with ASTM D3359-23 Test Method A, PT discovered that the durable paint coating of the Dell Latitude 5440 did not chip or flake. In addition to the laptop’s exterior maintaining a clean and professional appearance, reducing the likelihood of chipped paint also reduces the chance that parts and materials underneath could get exposed, which could lead to corruption of functionality or data.

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