New Principled Technologies Study: Enabling 4th Gen AMD EPYC 9274F Processor Security Features Did Not Impact a Dell PowerEdge R7625 Server’s OLTP Performance –

Durham, NC, June 03, 2024 –(– Security is a top priority for many businesses protecting sensitive data. Hardware-level security can be key to preventing data breaches and bad actors, but IT teams may worry that enhancing processor security will diminish processor performance. But security and performance can coexist. In a new study, PT assessed the impact of enabling AMD SME and AMD SEV-ES on the performance of an AMD EPYC 9274F processor-powered Dell PowerEdge R7625 server. They ran an industry-standard online transaction processing (OLTP) benchmark twice—once with the security features enabled, and once with them disabled.

According to the report, “AMD SME and SEV-ES are technologies that are already available within your AMD processor-powered 16th Generation Dell PowerEdge servers—and in our testing, we saw that they can offer extra layers of security without affecting performance. We compared the online transaction processing performance of a Dell PowerEdge R7625 server, powered by AMD EPYC 9274F processors, with and without these two security features enabled. We found that enabling AMD Secure Memory Encryption and Secure Encrypted Virtualization-Encrypted State did not impact performance at all.”

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