New Story Expands Commitment to Mental Health Services with Investment in Thrive Alliance Group

BALTIMORE, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — New Story, a leading provider of special education, therapeutic, and mental health services, has taken a significant step forward in its commitment to providing support to children and young adults with its recent purchase of Thrive Alliance Group, an organization focused on supporting children with mental health needs in public schools. This strategic partnership aims to create a more inclusive, supportive, and comprehensive educational environment for all.

New Story supports school districts by providing care to children and young adults with special education needs in its private schools and directly within public schools for children with Individual Education Plans. By joining with Thrive Alliance Group, New Story extends its continuum of programs to include mental health services for the general education population. This unique combination of services enables school districts that partner with New Story to meet the diverse special education and mental health needs of their students.

Thrive Alliance Group was formed to make mental wellness a part of the climate and culture in school districts across the country. Their innovative programming is designed to fortify schools, enhance the lives of students, and bolster educational outcomes by offering vital mental health support. The partnership with Thrive Alliance Group marks a pivotal moment in New Story’s journey to provide exceptional services for children and young adults. By integrating Thrive Alliance Group into its existing network of schools, clinics, and services, New Story is poised to further its mission of ensuring every child they support learns and thrives in a safe and supportive environment. 

“We are dedicated to helping our students and clients reach their highest potential. By partnering with Thrive Alliance Group, we are taking a step forward to extend our continuum of care,” said Jon Bicknell, Chief Executive Officer of New Story. “Together, we are determined to empower young minds and transform the landscape of special education and mental wellness in schools across the nation.” 

This strategic partnership between New Story and Thrive Alliance Group signals a bright future where children and young adults can receive the support they need to excel academically, emotionally, and socially, ultimately shaping a more inclusive and compassionate educational landscape. 

About New Story:

New Story is a leading provider of special and alternative education and therapeutic services. New Story offers integrated academic and therapeutic programming to children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder, mental illness, and emotional and behavioral challenges. Building upon our 25-year legacy of collaboration and commitment to putting students and clients first, we partner with districts, families, providers, and communities to serve thousands of families in need each year. Our passionate teams, evidence-based and best practice programming empower children and young adults to reach their highest potential. 

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