New World Forensics Announces Juan Ruiz as CEO –

Miami, FL, June 21, 2024 –(– New World Forensics, a premier digital forensic consulting firm, proudly announces the appointment of Juan Ruiz as the Chief Executive Officer.

With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in law enforcement and 17 years dedicated to forensic consulting, Mr. Ruiz brings a wealth of expertise to the position. His extensive experience ensures a profound understanding of the intricacies of legal proceedings, enabling him to offer unparalleled assistance and insight to support a wide range of cases effectively.

As a seasoned consultant with a significant background in digital forensics, Mr. Ruiz has played a pivotal role in numerous high-profile cases, leveraging forensic evidence to safeguard the interests of his clients. His deep understanding of forensic science and digital technology positions him as an invaluable asset to New World Forensics and its clients.

New World Forensics provides comprehensive solutions across various forensic disciplines, including:

– Computer Forensics
– eDiscovery
– Trial/Litigation Support
– Cell Phone Forensics
– Compromised Mobile Device Investigation
– Malware Analysis
– Data Theft and Intellectual Property Theft
– Employer/Employee Disputes
– Digital Forensic Imaging
– E-mail Recovery/Analysis
– Web History Analysis
– Document Analysis
– Timeline Analysis
– User History/Access Analysis
– Network Incident Response
– Image and Video Enhancement
– Keyword/Phrase Searching
– Data Recovery
– Data/Evidence Preservation and Storage
– Cloud Storage Preservation and Analysis
– Social Media Preservation
– Evidence/Chain-of-Custody Documentation
– On-Site and Lab Acquisitions
– Cross-Validation of Litigant/Defense Findings
– Text Message Analysis
– Call Logs and History
– Deleted Content Recovery
– GPS Data Analysis

“We are excited and honored to welcome Juan Ruiz as our new CEO. His dedication, expertise, and vision make him the perfect leader to guide New World Forensics into its next phase of growth and innovation,” said Cary Pomales, Director of public relations of New World Forensics.

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