Nicole Rhone Launches Inaugural Capacity Conference in Chicago, IL –

Chicago, IL, July 07, 2024 –(– Nicole Rhone, Founder of The Capacity Conference and CEO of Flourishing, is proud to announce the inaugural Capacity Conference, scheduled to take place in Chicago, IL, on August 1 and 2. The conference will feature an incredible lineup of speakers delivering workshops and panel discussions, with tons of networking opportunities. Attendees can expect to step away from their everyday routines and gain valuable insights into creating healthy habits, cultivating personal wellness, and building thriving businesses from experts across the United States. This is the premier event of the year for women who are ready to break up with burnout and learn how to put themselves at the TOP of the ‘TO-DO’ List.

Nicole is known to the world as the Capacity Coach, and her journey to founding The Capacity Conference was deeply personal. After years of silently grappling with the challenges of balancing competing priorities at home and work, she found herself facing a health crisis due to neglecting her well-being. This experience catalyzed her commitment to helping other career and entrepreneurial women proactively manage their capacity and avoid similar struggles.

“What I find most rewarding is when my clients realize they don’t have to sacrifice themselves for success,” says Nicole. “Helping individuals set boundaries, manage priorities, and achieve work-life balance brings me immense satisfaction. Similarly, working with organizations to increase productivity and employee engagement through capacity management is deeply fulfilling.”

This year, the Capacity Conference aims to be the event for emerging and established women leaders and entrepreneurs ready to break free from burnout, optimize their time, and amplify their impact, personally and professionally. “At the Capacity Conference, our mission is to bring together high-achieving and purpose-driven women to strengthen their leadership capabilities in all aspects of their lives,” said Nicole Rhone. “Our theme of healthy habits, healthy people, healthy business reflects our commitment to holistic development, addressing the core areas of her five Capacity Pillars (heart flow, workflow, health flow, cash flow, and faith flow).”

The Capacity Conference seeks attendees who are ready to get the tools and resources needed to make room for what matters most, and learn from women who “get it” and who’ve been in their shoes. “We invite attendees and sponsors to seize this opportunity to connect with professionals who can become valuable customers and partners,” added Nicole Rhone. Partnerships through financial support and key stakeholders’ involvement opportunities are available. Sponsors can showcase their commitment to women’s personal and professional development, gain exposure to an audience of approximately 200+ women, and support diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) initiatives.

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