Nonprofit Mission Meow Invests in Kittensnatchers to Save and Improve the Lives of Cats in Philadelphia, PA –

Philadelphia, PA, May 26, 2024 –(– Kittensnatchers is set to receive a $5,350 grant from New Jersey nonprofit Mission Meow in support of their lifesaving work for cats in Philadelphia, PA.

Mission Meow is dedicated to supporting feline-centric nonprofits through a unique funding model. Each month, Mission Meow gathers donations from a diverse range of businesses and awards substantial quarterly grants to deserving organizations committed to the welfare and betterment of cats. Their goal is to amplify the impact of nonprofits that provide care, protection, and advocacy for cats, ensuring they have the resources needed to thrive and expand their vital services.

“Our investment in KittenSnattchers is part of more than $15,000 in grants recently announced by Mission Meow to empower local cat-centric organizations across the country as part of our commitment to create meaningful change,” said Sally Williams, founder of Mission Meow. “Our unique strategy transforms everyday business into extraordinary support for feline welfare, weaving generosity through the fabric of the community to uplift the lives of cats everywhere.”

“This generous $5,350 investment from Mission Meow will greatly enhance our ability to save more vulnerable cats and kittens by providing essential medical care and improving their chances of survival. Additionally, it will enable us to reduce emergency care costs by allowing us to offer supportive care at home,” said Kat Ferge, President of Kittensnatchers.

Kittensnatchers is dedicated to rescuing street cats, offering personal support to fosters, and prioritizing the greater good of each cat’s health and happiness. Our mission is to provide comprehensive dental and medical care for cats prior to adoption, ensure the well-being of sick cats, and find suitable placements for those needing socialization.