Nous Mass Media Announces the Release of “Ladies In Waiting Vol 2” –

Houston, TX, June 03, 2024 –(– “Ladies In Waiting Vol 2” continues the legacy of its predecessor, diving deeper into the lives of women who have navigated the complexities of love, career, family, and personal growth asking themselves “how do you know if he’s the one?” Each author brings a unique perspective, offering readers a rich tapestry of experiences and wisdom. Through their collective voices, the book explores themes of patience, faith, strength, and the enduring journey toward self-empowerment.

About the Authors:
Dr. Lovella Mogere: An esteemed educator and motivational speaker, Dr. Mogere provides a heartfelt exploration of overcoming adversity through faith and perseverance.

Jo-Anne Blanchard: Known for her poignant poetry, Blanchard delivers a narrative that highlights the importance of hope and community in times of struggle.

Dr. Varenda Williams: A veteran educator, Dr. Williams offers insights into the educational system battles educators face and the strategies to emerge victorious.

Dr. Carmen McKnight: With a background in social work, Dr. McKnight shares compelling stories of healing and resilience from a social justice perspective.

Jannie Booker: An advocate for humanity rights, Booker’s contributions focus on empowerment and the fight for equality through her podcast.

Toya Guerrero: As an Apostolic leader, Guerrero provides practical advice and inspirational anecdotes to help women navigate life’s challenges.

April Greene: An entrepreneur and business strategist, Greene’s chapters are filled with motivational guidance for women pursuing their professional dreams.

Praise for “Ladies In Waiting Vol 2”:
“This anthology is a beacon of hope and strength for women everywhere. Each story is a testament to the power of resilience and the beauty of the human spirit.” – Nous Mass Media

“Ladies In Waiting Vol 2” is available for purchase starting June 15, 2024, at major book retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Nous Mass Media website.

About Nous Mass Media:
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