Ombra Group Inc. Collaborates with Medical Experts to Design and Execute THC Breathalyzer Clinical Trials in Canada Amid Global Cannabis Legalization –

New York, NY, May 16, 2024 –(– Ombra Group Inc., a trailblazer in gas detection technology, announces a strategic partnership with leading medical organizations to address the critical issue of drugged driving. As cannabis legalization sweeps across the United States and the world, Ombra Group unveils the world’s first breathalyzer Prototype capable of measuring tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) impairment levels.

The THC Breathalyzer: A Game-Changing Solution
With over a third of U.S. states legalizing recreational cannabis and federal decriminalization on the horizon, roadside testing for THC intoxication is crucial for public safety. Ombra Group’s revolutionary THC breathalyzer could provide law enforcement officers with a reliable method to identify drivers impaired by cannabis consumption, like existing alcohol breathalyzers that test blood alcohol levels.

Dominick Bianco, CEO of Ombra Group, emphasizes the urgency: “Legalization has outpaced our ability to objectively determine cannabis impairment. Our pioneering THC breathalyzer bridges this gap, equipping officers with a scientific method to assess THC intoxication levels.”

Clinical Trials in Canada: A Collaborative Effort
To establish legal impairment standards tied to THC levels, Ombra Group collaborates with world-renowned cannabis doctors, clinicians, and medical experts. These esteemed professionals will design and execute groundbreaking clinical trials in Canada. The studies will correlate measurable THC blood concentrations with observable impairment levels, using both blood draws and real-time breathalyzer readings. This research will pave the way for scientific THC impairment limits, akin to existing Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) regulations.

Global Cannabis Legalization and Drugged Driving
As cannabis legalization expands globally, the risk of impaired driving incidents rises at an alarming rate. Countries like Germany are grappling with the challenges of enforcing drugged driving laws. Ombra’s breathalyzer provides a long-awaited solution to this pressing issue, offering a standardized method to combat THC-impaired driving.

Beyond THC Breathalyzers: Ombra’s Commitment to Public Safety
In addition to the THC breathalyzer, Ombra Group continues its commitment to public safety. The company develops cutting-edge narcotics detection tools, aiding law enforcement in locating illicit drug production facilities for substances like fentanyl and methamphetamines.

About Ombra Group Inc.
Ombra Group Inc., a pioneer in molecular gas sensing, leverages patented technologies to create ultra-high sensitivity trace analyzers. These solutions serve environmental monitoring, clinical research, narcotics detection, and other critical applications. Ombra Group’s bold innovation enhances public health, safety, and security through responsible scientific advancement.

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