OyaGen, Inc. announces a new publication for its COVID therapeutic in development and publication of related patents


ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OyaGen, Inc. Today the company announced publication in Antiviral Research of studies evaluating the mechanism of action of its proprietary COVID therapeutic in preclinical development. 

About OYA1. OYA1 has broad-spectrum antiviral activity in laboratory-based assays against numerous strains of Coronaviruses and the Ebola virus. Prior studies have been published in Bennett et al., (2022) JCI Insights, volume 7 and Viruses (2021) volume 13, respectively.  Our recent publication shows that OYA1 becomes part of the SARS2 viral genetic code but has little or no incorporation into a host cells messenger RNA and doesn’t cause genomic mutations. These findings are consistent with the safety of antiviral levels of OYA1 demonstrated in human subjects from prior National Cancer Institute studies performed in the 1960’s and toxicology studies reported previously by Bennett et al., (2022). OYA1 becomes part of the viral genetic code to inhibit the spread of SARS2 infection.  The precise antiviral mechanism remains to be determined.

Patents have been issued for the use of OYA1 in treating patients infected with COVID (U.S. Patent Publication No. US 11,738,025 B2 August 29, 2023) and Ebola (U.S. Patent Publication No. 11,617,753 B2 April 4, 2023).

“The recent publication combines the strengths of OyaGen’s molecular virology platform technology with critical technical contributions from academic and corporate research organizations,” said Dr. Ryan P. Bennett Chief Scientific Officer at OyaGen. The publication also demonstrated technological advancements in being able to obtain highly purified viral RNA from infected cells. This RNA was in sufficient purity and quantity for mass spectroscopy identification and quantification of how much OYA1 gets into SARS2 RNA at different doses. New chemical synthesis of OYA1 as a triphosphate nucleoside analog suitable for in vitro studies on the viral replication mechanism was also described. “Our studies to date suggest that OYA1 is a highly effective antiviral with long-acting potential due its chemical stability. The utility of OYA1 may therefore be as a preventative in addition to a treatment for infected patients. Studies also suggest that OYA1 may enhance the efficacy of other antiviral treatments for COVID and Ebola when used as a combination therapy,” said Dr. Harold C. Smith, founder and CEO of OyaGen.  

OyaGen, Inc. will conduct further in vivo studies recommended by the FDA for the safety and efficacy of OYA1 in treating COVID-19 infection in animal model systems as a prerequisite to filing for and IND and conducting Phase I clinical studies.

OyaGen Inc is a privately held Biotechnology Company founded by its CEO, Dr. Smith, and located in Rochester NY. OyaGen is focused on the identification and early development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of viral diseases including HIV, Coronavirus, Ebola and Flaviviruses.

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