Paddock Pool Equipment and Myrtha Pools Reach Agreement to Combat Indoor Air Quality Together –

Rock Hill, SC, May 25, 2024 –(– Paddock Pool Equipment Company (“Paddock”), one of the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial swimming pool equipment announced today the strategic partnership with Myrtha Pools (“Myrtha”), global leader in aquatics stainless steel manufacturing, to help combat poor indoor air quality within natatoriums. This license agreement allows Myrtha and Paddock to utilize each of their own technologies, the Paddock Evacuator System and the Myrtha Breathe System, to improve operational performance across the industry.

Paddock will focus on a variety of different pool shell styles and a host of different retrofit needs, whereas Myrtha will primarily serve clients already constructing a Myrtha stainless steel shell. Together, each company wants to offer our clients the best possible solutions for improving air quality, using the unique characteristics of each of our technologies. Both companies share mutual respect for the highly advanced attributes of their offerings in the marketplace and we will work together to promote the benefits of each technology for the specific avenues it was intended.

“At Paddock, we have strived to make good IAQ a talking point and a meaningful part of the design. We feel that creating indoor swimming pool spaces that are safe for the swimmers, patrons and employees of those facilities is of the upmost importance, the Paddock Evacuator is a great tool in achieving this. We are excited to now work with Myrtha and promote indoor air quality together,” said Mark Hines, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Paddock.

“Both companies understand the importance of air quality in indoor aquatic facilities, not only regarding public use, but also from a high-performance sport perspective, and to be able to have the Myrtha Breathe system on the market is an asset for indoor facilities across North America. Myrtha is really excited to be entering into this agreement with Paddock to improve this aspect of the industry for patrons, competitors, operators and anyone else who works and enjoys aquatic spaces,” said John Ireland, Chief Technical Officer, Myrtha Pools USA and Canada.

“For years, Paddock has worked to educate, provide solutions, and develop products improving indoor air quality throughout North America. It’s exciting to have Myrtha’s support and enthusiasm as a teammate to further the discussion and offer another solution that helps the significant impact that poor IAQ has on the health of all patrons with natatoriums worldwide,” said Michael McDuffie, COO of Paddock.

This collaboration between Myrtha Pools and Paddock marks a significant milestone in the aquatic industry, prioritizing consumer choice and satisfaction, while driving positive change regarding air quality and safety in indoor natatoriums.