Pamella Vicalvi’s Newly Released “Suzella and the Great Treasure” is an Enchanting Tale of Adventure and Redemption –

Fort Worth, TX, June 04, 2024 –(– “Suzella and the Great Treasure”: an exhilarating journey that will delight and entertain. “Suzella and the Great Treasure” is the creation of published author, Pamella Vicalvi, who grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. She received her BS in Bible/Sociology from Manhattan Christian College and completed her MA in Religion from Eastern New Mexico University. Pamella has worked as a Social Worker, Religious Education Director, Youth Minister, Career Counselor, Education Counselor, College Instructor, and Fundraiser.

She is retired and lives with her husband, Paul, a retired army chaplain. Together, they have a blended family with five children, fourteen grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Pamella loves to sing, work out, tell jokes, and make up impromptu stories for children.

Vicalvi shares, “Suzella rode through the Great Forest, lost in thought. Her father’s words still rang in her ears, ‘Ah! But what a challenge! To find and claim the Great Treasure for the good of our entire kingdom!’

“I should probably make some plans. How does a warrior princess go about locating the Great Treasure? she wondered. Why has no one returned from seeking the Treasure? And what of the dragon? How does one get rid of a dragon?

“As she pondered these questions, she was unaware of the great danger which lay just ahead of her. Nothing would turn out as she had planned, and she would end up thanking God that it didn’t. Suzella’s great adventure will be filled with danger, surprises, forgiveness, reconciliation, and unconditional love.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Pamella Vicalvi’s new book offers imaginative storytelling and rich character development which make “Suzella and the Great Treasure” a must-read for readers of all ages.

Consumers can purchase “Suzella and the Great Treasure” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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