Paradyme Celebrates the Closing of Phase One of the Paradyme Barn Caves Project –

Lake Havasu City, AZ, July 11, 2024 –(– Paradyme is proud to announce the closing of Phase One of the Paradyme Barn Caves project, a significant event in the lifecycle of this landmark development in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. This pivotal moment marks the successful conclusion of the land acquisition and initial funding for permitting and horizontal work for the development, redefining luxury living across 18 acres in north Lake Havasu City. The Barn Caves project will feature over 400,000 square feet of three-story single-family homes with two stories of residential space and oversized boat and RV garages on the ground level. The development will also have a world-class, members-only gym encompassing over 30,000 square feet with state-of-the-art equipment, a pool, pickleball courts and other amenities.

A Monumental Achievement in Real Estate
Paradyme has solidified its reputation in the market with a resounding success in it’s adjacent project by selling 9 storage units in a single day, leading to a record-breaking $1 million in sales for Paradyme Luxury Storage Havasu. This remarkable achievement highlights the unparalleled demand for the Paradyme brand and various product offerings in Lake Havasu.

Barn Caves Project Highlights
– Projected: 123 units, meticulously planned across 5 development phases.
– Location: Strategically positioned adjacent to the Paradyme Luxury Boat and RV Storage Project in booming Lake Havasu, AZ.
– Benefits: Offering enhanced property value, reduced maintenance, and elevated security measures.
– Market Trend: Meeting the growing demand for luxury housing with oversized boat and RV garages in response to modern lifestyle trends.

An Exceptional Investment Opportunity
Paradyme Barn Caves presents a unique chance for investors to partake in the evolution of residential, community-based living in Lake Havasu. Paradyme has structured the 46-month investment with an 8% annual preferred distribution, an impressive projected IRR of 31.5%, and a lucrative profit split of 70/30% at the end of the project. This opportunity has proven to be an enticing proposition for investors seeking robust returns and long-term value.

A Word from the Founder
“As we mark the closing of Paradyme Barn Caves, I am filled with immense pride for our team’s dedication and the trust our clients have placed in us, solidifying Paradyme’s standing as the nation’s number one developer of man caves,” declared Ryan Garland, Founder of Paradyme. “This project was conceived with a vision to blend opulent lifestyle residences that feature oversized boat and RV garages to meet the demands of the buyer in Havasu. The overwhelming response from our clients has been a testament to its success. The close of Paradyme Barn Caves is more than a milestone—it’s a beacon of our innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to excellence in luxury real estate development.”

About Paradyme
Paradyme stands at the vanguard of real estate development, revolutionizing the industry by integrating direct lending, strategic investment, and hands-on building. Our holistic approach underpins our mission to revolutionize real estate by delivering maximum value and returns. With a commitment to health, wellness, CSR, and advanced technology, we ensure exceptional investment returns and lasting impacts on communities, all built on a bedrock of transparency and integrity.

For more information about the Paradyme Barn Caves project or to discuss further investment opportunities with Paradyme, please contact our dedicated team. We’re here to provide comprehensive insights and address any inquiries.