Parts Life Inc. Unveils the EEPIC: Engineering and Electronic Product Innovation Center Portable Reverse Engineering Laboratories –

Moorestown, NJ, May 15, 2024 –(– Parts Life Inc. is proud to introduce the Engineering and Electronic Product Innovation Center (EEPIC), an innovative portable reverse engineering laboratory designed to enhance on-site technical capabilities for military applications. This fully transportable lab is housed within a 20’ x 8’ shipping container, which expands to a 20′ x 20′ workspace, providing 400 square feet of cutting-edge technological environment.

The EEPIC lab is equipped with advanced capabilities for both mechanical and electronic parts and components, ensuring that engineering and analysis tasks can be performed on-site, thereby eliminating the downtime and security risks associated with transporting sensitive components off-site. This state-of-the-art facility is self-powered and supports multiple engineers simultaneously, making it an ideal solution for field operations anywhere in the world.

Key Features of the EEPIC Lab:

On-Site, On-Demand Reverse Engineering Readiness: Immediate availability to address engineering needs directly at the deployment site.
Built-in Solutions for Obsolescence and DMSMS: The lab offers tools and technologies to tackle obsolescence and Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS), providing rapid responses to ensure supply chain resiliency.
Portable and Secure: Fully mobile and secure, the EEPIC lab can be deployed quickly and efficiently to any location, ensuring that parts and components remain under your control.
Comprehensive Technical Data Package Evaluation and Completion: On-site generation and completion of technical data packages to expedite manufacturing and replication processes.

“Bringing the EEPIC lab to market is a significant milestone for Parts Life Inc.,” said Sam Thevanayagam, President and CEO of Parts Life Inc. “The EEPIC supports our mission to serve the warfighter and U.S. taxpayer by providing rapid, secure, and effective obsolescence and DMSMS issues while reinforcing our commitment to innovation and lifecycle sustainment in military manufacturing.”

The EEPIC is a response to the critical need for rapid, adaptable, and efficient engineering solutions in the face of evolving military needs and the ongoing challenge of equipment obsolescence for Space, Air, Land, Sea, and Subsea. Its launch aligns with Parts Life Inc.’s strategic vision of enhancing mission readiness and sustainability through advanced manufacturing technologies and processes.

Parts Life, Inc. is a certified AS9100D engineering service provider, manufacturer, and alternate source supplier for DMSMS and obsolete replacement components on military systems and subsystems. Our value-added reverse engineering processes address missing or incomplete technical data needed prior to manufacturing. Services, such as R.O.P.E.® (Rapid Obsolescence Planning and Execution) and 5R® (Reverse Engineering, Remanufacturing, Recertify, Repair, Replicate) deliver manufacturable data with source approval to manufacture replacement parts. In our Prototype Integration Facility, parts and components are manufactured and tested for form, fit, and function to ensure each piece meets and surpasses OEM requirements. Our electronic, electric, and electrical manufacturing capabilities include wiring harnesses and electronic test sets.