Paul Kluzek’s Newly Released “Redemption on the Road to Jericho” is a Spiritually Charged Tale of the Human Condition and Overcoming Abuse –

Brackettville, TX, November 28, 2023 –(– “Redemption on the Road to Jericho”: a compelling story of perseverance and salvation. “Redemption on the Road to Jericho” is the creation of published author, Paul Kluzek, who currently lives in Texas with his beautiful wife of thirty-seven years along with two energetic spoiled little dogs. He has two adult sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and three amazing grandchildren, which tend to boss him around when it comes to playtime. Both he and his wife teach elementary Sunday school, but he has led Bible study for all age groups and has studied the Bible most of his life. He served in the US Air Force as a pilot and flew in the Gulf War. He now works as a civil service employee, teaching Air Force student pilots in the flight simulator.

Kluzek shares, “Redemption on the Road to Jericho is a Christian novel with two simultaneous stories centering around the biblical story of the Good Samaritan. One is a modern-day tale while the other one occurred two thousand years ago in the land of Judea. They are emotionally engaging stories dealing with love, human conflict, pain and suffering, and the healing process that can set a person free from their painful past.

“It is possible that this book can inspire victims of abuse to set themselves free from the emotional scars that they carry. This book illustrates how life was like when Jesus walked among us and shows that people really haven’t changed all that much since then. We may have many modern conveniences and luxuries and have access to all kinds of knowledge, but we still have difficulty loving one another and making wise choices.

“The story of the Good Samaritan encompasses all of humanity because we have all been victims or bullies at one time or another. We all need redemption and we all need a helping hand at one time or another, and we can choose to be that helping hand as well. We are all going down our own unique pathways in life, but no matter what road a person travels, one way or another, all roads eventually lead to the cross. Once we arrive there, we have to choose what we will do with Jesus.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Paul Kluzek’s new book will tug at the heartstrings as readers witness the duality of man through a creative lens.

Consumers can purchase “Redemption on the Road to Jericho” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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