Pillar Biosciences Launches oncoReveal™ Core LBx, an NGS Kit to Enable Localized Liquid Biopsy Testing


NGS Kit will provide laboratories with a simple, automatable, industry-leading liquid biopsy workflow to rapidly address clinical patient testing needs

NATICK, Mass., Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pillar Biosciences, Inc., the leader in Decision Medicine™, has announced the global launch of oncoReveal Core LBx, a research-use-only (RUO) next-generation sequencing (NGS) kit designed to enable laboratories with a solution for liquid biopsy-based pan-cancer tumor profiling. The oncoReveal Core LBx is the latest addition to Pillar Biosciences’ portfolio of cancer profiling assays designed to enable localized testing and reduce time to treatment initiation.

The oncoReveal Core LBx panel interrogates 104 clinically relevant genes in one multiplex reaction and has a fully automatable workflow that can be performed by any clinical laboratory, with a sample-to-report time in less than three days. With oncoReveal Core LBx, a laboratory will be able to batch >20 clinical samples on a single Illumina NextSeq™ run, enabling both the economic value and scale of sequencing needed to properly interrogate circulating cell-free tumor DNA (cfDNA) at extremely high levels of sensitivity and specificity.

“We are excited to launch oncoReveal Core LBx, specifically designed to meet the emerging needs of local laboratories looking for scalable and efficient NGS-based liquid biopsy testing solutions,” said Randy Pritchard, CEO of Pillar Biosciences. “Currently, both clinicians and their patients are dependent on large national commercial reference labs to perform liquid biopsy testing, which is both expensive and delays treatment decisions. By enabling local and regional laboratory customers with in-house NGS capabilities for liquid biopsy, Pillar Biosciences can help ensure cancer patients are receiving the quality clinical testing they deserve in a more timely and cost-effective manner, leading to improved treatment decisions and clinical outcomes.”

oncoReveal Core LBx analyzes cfDNA present in plasma for genetic alterations in cancer, including assessment of MSI, eliminating the need for an invasive biopsy or tumor tissue. With mutation detection performance as low as 0.1%, oncoReveal Core LBx provides highly accurate genetic profiles and clinically actionable information. oncoReveal Core LBx is powered by PiVAT®, an automated secondary bioinformatics software that supports the identification of somatic mutations from cell-free DNA with high sensitivity and specificity. Pillar Biosciences’ proprietary PiVAT technology is fully compatible with third-party clinical reporting solutions.

About Pillar Biosciences

Pillar Biosciences is the leader in Decision Medicine™, which is the utilization of highly accurate and sensitive next-generation sequencing (NGS) testing technology to generate data that optimizes the selection of precision therapies for cancer patients, from tumor profiling to therapy selection and recurrence monitoring. Pillar’s NGS testing solutions, including oncoReveal CDx pan-cancer solid tumor IVD, currently under review by FDA, are powered by its proprietary SLIMamp® and PiVAT® technologies, and decentralize the testing process, reducing diagnostic costs and improving access and efficiency of complex NGS testing for clinicians, prescribers, and patients globally. The company has more than 20 NGS testing kits available in IVD or RUO formats, and several others in various stages of development, including a tumor-informed MRD assay. Pillar Biosciences has operations in Natick, MA. For more information visit pillarbiosci.com and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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