Pioneering Film Production Company Founded by Members of the Houseless Community, Catching Smoke Films, (CatchingSmokeFilms.Com) Announces a Crowdfunding Campaign for their Debut Feature Film “Amber”

PITTSBURGH , Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ –Inspired by actual events and based on the work-in-progress novel “Amber”  by Tobin Frost. Catching Smoke Films seeks to shed light on the untold humanity and stories of the homeless community via this groundbreaking feature film.

Set against a story inspired by actual people and events, “Amber” tells the tale of a fearless young homeless woman who creates a street family and rallies them to fight the oppressive rule of a corrupt homeless shelter administrator.

At the heart of this profound and empathetic narrative lies the hard-hitting truth of an invisible and misunderstood community. “Amber” is inspired by the work-in-progress novel by Edward Bates, written under the pen name Tobin Frost, TobinFrost.Com.  This powerful and gripping cinematic adaptation aims to personify the humanity, hidden challenges, and battles faced by homeless people every day.

With a unique approach to storytelling, Catching Smoke Films embodies the essence of authentic narratives by placing the untold stories of the homeless at the forefront of society’s consciousness. By supporting the crowdfunding campaign, backers directly contribute to the realization of these stories on the big screen and further uphold the production company’s dedication to promoting social change.

The success of the crowdfunding campaign is imperative to not only the production of “Amber” as a feature film, but also to the realization of Catching Smoke Films’ visionary mission. Each contribution from supporters plays a pivotal role in showcasing these underrepresented stories while connecting audiences to the lived experiences of those grappling with homelessness.

To join Catching Smoke Films on this transformative journey and contribute to the production of “Amber,” visit their Seed and Spark crowdfunding campaign here: Contributing to the campaign not only assists in the production of “Amber” but also paves the way for future impactful films from Catching Smoke Films.

Catching Smoke Films is a groundbreaking film production company with a mission to transform untold stories and underrepresented communities into powerful cinematic experiences. By focusing on overlooked narratives and striving for authenticity, Catching Smoke Films aims to create films that generate compassion, empathy, and understanding while fostering social change.

For more information on Catching Smoke Films and their vision, please visit CatchingSmokeFilm.Com, or connect with them at [email protected]

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