Pocamarket Launches Photocard Grading Service ‘Pocagrades’, Generating High Expectations Among Photocard Collectors


SEOUL, South Korea, Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pocamarket, a specialized platform for K-pop photocard transactions, has launched its photocard grading service, ‘Pocagrades,’ generating significant anticipation and interest among photocard collectors in the United States. They aim to offer a unique value experience of rarity to the global K-pop fandom.

Among K-pop photocards, there are rare and highly valuable ones that can sometimes be traded for hundreds to thousands of dollars. Providing collectors with a more precise and trustworthy grading service for such valuable photocards, ensuring their preservation in pristine condition, is expected to be well-received by K-pop merchandise collectors.

Pocamarket’s CEO, Sangyeop Park, stated, “The introduction of Pocagrades is part of our efforts to provide our members with a more exceptional experience in photocard collecting.” He added, “Through this service, photocard collectors will be able to verify more accurate and reliable photocard grades and preserve their value intact.”

With the advent of Pocagrades, it is expected that the passion and interest in K-pop photocard collecting will reach new heights. For those who treasure these unique collectibles, this new service will provide a special opportunity to acquire high-quality rare photocards, further enhancing their sense of accomplishment in their collection.

SOURCE Pocamarket