Prasuma Makes History as the First and Only Indian Food Brand to Win an International Taste Award

Prasuma, India’s leading Frozen Foods brand renowned for its commitment to quality and taste, has achieved an extraordinary milestone by becoming the first and only Indian food brand to win an International Taste Award. Prasuma’s Spicy Chicken Momos and BBQ Chicken Bao Buns have both been awarded 2 stars out of 3 for the Superior Taste Award 2024 by the prestigious International Taste Institute in Brussels.

Lisa Suwal, CEO, Prasuma

Lisa Suwal, CEO, Prasuma, expressed her excitement, stating, “This is a thrilling recognition. For a quintessentially Indian street snack, the humble Momo, in this case by an Indian brand to be recognised on the World’s stage, we’re elated! We put a lot of effort and love into ensuring every item on our menu tastes fresh and mouthwateringly tasty. As fresh as if it were made by you at your home from scratch. The best quality of vegetables, spices and flour that are sourced straight from farms or from parts where they are found in their best natural state. All the ingredients are perfected and detailed out to mimic what an expert hand would do at home or in a Chef’s kitchen. Our commitment to using the best quality ingredients, sourced directly from farms or regions where they are found in their best natural state, is what sets Prasuma apart.”

Prasuma Spicy Chicken Momos

The judging criteria, which focused on parameters including first impression, vision, olfaction, taste, and texture, recognized Prasuma’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of their culinary creations. The products were independently tasted by some of the world’s top chefs, representing over 20 countries, who are renowned for their achievements and careers in the culinary world. Some of whom are Chefs at Michelin Star restaurants while others are Chefs to Presidents, Prime Ministers and Royalty.  

Prasuma’s dedication to perfection is evident in their meticulous attention to detail, from sourcing the freshest ingredients to perfecting their recipes. With over 38 years of expertise, Prasuma has become synonymous with quality and excellence in the food industry. As the pioneer of the Fresh & Chilled Deli Meats and Ready to Cook Momos segment in India, Prasuma has earned a reputation for product and service excellence among top modern retail outlets, restaurants, chefs, and consumers nationwide.

The company’s philosophy revolves around a family of passionate, self-proclaimed food enthusiasts who are dedicated to experimenting with the finest ingredients and recipes. Whether it’s recipes passed down from generations or innovative creations from recent kitchen experiments, Prasuma’s goal is to bring the best of the best to the evolving Indian consumer, making every day delicious.

About Prasuma

The Prasuma® name starts with the highest quality ingredients that deliver great taste, making it simpler for consumers and their families to eat good food, every day. There’s love in each bite, as each product has been tried and tested in order for it to be relished. Established in 1985 by Mahendra Suwal, Prasuma offers a range of premium traditional ready-to-eat snacks to the Indian consumer. Prasuma Momos, the first frozen Momos in India swept the nation becoming India’s favourite Momo brand in under two years, followed by launches in many other categories. The company aims at making every day delicious for its consumers.