Principled Technologies Compares the HP Elite Mini 800 G9 Desktop PC to the Apple Mac Mini in Their Latest Study –

Durham, NC, November 21, 2023 –(– The internet is an important tool for many workers who research data, monitor analytics, use productivity apps, and collaborate across teams. However, when web pages take longer to load, users can lose focus, potentially taking long stretches to recover their workflow. With a system that offers faster web browsing, however, they could experience workflows uninhibited by technology interruptions. When Principled Technologies compared the performance of an HP Elite Mini 800 G9 Desktop PC with Intel Core i7-13700T processor to that of an Apple Mac mini with Apple M2 Pro processor, they found that the HP system offered a higher WebXPRT 4 score, indicating a more responsive web browsing performance. They also tested with the CrossMark benchmark and examined other features the HP system offered, such as security features, ports, and more. (Note that at the time of testing, Apple systems with M3 processors were not available for purchase.)

According to the report, “In our hands-on testing, the 13th Gen Intel Core processor-powered HP Elite Mini 800 G9 Desktop PC achieved higher WebXPRT scores than the Apple M2 processor-powered Apple Mac mini. It also delivered comparable performance on two CrossMark benchmark sub-test. At a 28.1 lower price, the HP system offered a greater variety of ports at the front and back while also taking up less space. These benefits, combined with security and manageability features, could make the HP Elite Mini 800 G9 Desktop PC a good fit for your workforce.”

For more information, read the report: See the infographic:

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