Principled Technologies Releases a Total Cost of Ownership Study Comparing On-Premises Generative AI Solutions from Dell to Cloud Solutions from AWS and Azure –

Durham, NC, May 15, 2024 –(– Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has the potential to help organizations of all kinds further their business goals. One major challenge in adopting GenAI is finding the most cost-effective way to implement such a solution. Principled Technologies (PT) researched the three-year costs of four GenAI solutions: a traditional on-premises Dell solution, a subscription-based on-premises Dell APEX pay-per-use solution, an Azure Machine Learning cloud solution, and an AWS SageMaker cloud solution.

According to the report, “According to our calculations, the Dell APEX pay-per-use solution was the most cost-effective of the 3-year solutions we compared. The competitive cloud solutions from AWS and Azure cost up to 3.81 times as much as the subscription-based Dell APEX pay-per-use solution. Compared to the traditional Dell on-premises solution, the AWS and Azure cloud solutions we priced would cost up to 2.88 times as much.”

To learn more about how choosing an on-premises Dell solution can save organizations money on their GenAI implementations, read the full report at

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