Principled Technologies Releases Study Comparing Dell Server Management Tools to Those from the HPE Server Management Portfolio –

Durham, NC, June 18, 2024 –(– Along with servers and storage come built-in or vendor-specific management tools, all of which have different features and capabilities. Principled Technologies (PT) assessed the server management portfolios of Dell and HPE, comparing embedded tools and one-to-many device management consoles from Dell (iDRAC9 and Dell OpenManage Enterprise) and HPE (HPE iLO6 and HPE OneView).

According to the report, “Across the features and use cases we tested, the tools from the Dell management portfolio offered stronger security features, included a broader range of sustainability tools, and provided more granular control and increased flexibility for administrators while reducing time and effort to complete common tasks.”

To learn more about how organizations can benefit from using Dell server management tools, read the full report at and see the infographic at

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