Project Hosts’ Chief Information Security Officer has Been Appointed to the Federal Secure Cloud Advisory Committee –

Palo Alto, CA, May 15, 2024 –(– Project Hosts, Inc., a leader in cloud-computing services for secure environments, is pleased to announce the appointment of its Chief Information Security Officer, Josh Krueger, to the Federal Secure Cloud Advisory Committee (FSCAC). This prestigious position underscores the expertise and leadership of Project Hosts within the cloud-computing sector, particularly in secure and compliant cloud services.

As an appointed Representative Member of the FSCAC, Mr. Krueger will bring the unique perspectives that primarily deliver FedRAMP Compliance-as-a-Service solutions. His role will involve representing the needs and viewpoints of businesses both small and large in the cloud-computing industry. Ensuring their interests are considered in the federal discussions and strategies around cloud adoption.

The duties of the FSCAC are crucial as they advise and provide recommendations to the GSA Administrator, the FedRAMP Board, and various agencies on several critical aspects. These include technical, financial, programmatic, and operational matters, all geared towards the secure and effective adoption of cloud-computing products and services. The committee plays a significant role in examining the operations of FedRAMP, seeking ways to continually improve authorization processes, and collecting information and feedback on agency compliance with an implementation of FedRAMP requirements.

Additionally, the FSCAC serves as a vital forum that facilitates communication and collaboration among all stakeholders within the FedRAMP community. Mr. Krueger’s involvement in the committee is expected to bring substantial benefits to the discussions, leveraging his extensive experience and insights gained from his leadership role at Project Hosts.

This appointment not only honors Mr. Krueger’s dedication and expertise but also reflects the commitment of Project Hosts to advancing secure cloud-computing practices across industries. The company continues to support enhanced security measures and compliance standards that benefit all users and providers of cloud services.

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