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Boynton Beach, FL, February 23, 2024 –(PR.com)– Being a real estate broker for several years and owning his own agency, Josh Glasser learned quickly that the job “is not rocket science” and that it takes very few qualifications to become a real estate agent. The number one complaint of property owners is that real estate brokers make too much money in commissions for the services they provide.

With that in mind, Glasser decided that the real estate industry needed a shakeup.

So, he joined forces with Nick Catalano, an experienced engineer to develop technology that plans to disrupt the $4 trillion U.S. real estate market by completely eliminating the need for a broker.

Qwesty (www.qwesty.com) is a fully automated, AI-powered digital marketplace for both residential and commercial real estate. The Qwesty app and website platform will utilize patent-pending technology and AI-powered algorithms to match buyers directly with sellers and tenants directly with landlords.

All that will be happening while Qwesty’s Pro Match software works in the background to match the user with every type of service provider they might need – lawyers, lenders, inspectors, contractors, etc. – so they can choose the professionals they want and assemble a unique team to help move the transaction forward.

“The idea behind Qwesty is to completely move away from the traditional. age-old real estate model,” said Catalano. “Qwesty will take the guesswork out of transacting real estate without a broker. The easy-to-use platform and interactive educational tools will guide buyers and sellers every step of the way through the process.”

Prior to launch, the team plans to populate Qwesty with thousands of properties and service providers that can become active on the platform with a simple click.

“We made the decision that we weren’t going to finance the platform through corporate money, venture capital, or Silicon Valley banks,” said Glasser. “We wanted to launch the first public stock offering where anyone that ever felt they overpaid on broker commissions could invest in Qwesty.”

With the capital raised from this public stock offering, the team will develop the technology to launch the Qwesty app and website platform.

For more information or to invest in Qwesty, go to www.ownqwesty.com.

About Qwesty, Inc.
Qwesty, Inc. was founded in 2022 with the mission to disrupt the $4 trillion U.S. real estate market by completely eliminating the need to pay commissions. Qwesty (www.qwesty.com) is a fully automated, AI-powered real estate platform built to save property owners thousands of dollars in broker commissions, while providing the fastest and most convenient way to transact real estate. Co-founders Josh Glasser and Nick Catalano have assembled an extraordinary team that has considerable experience in both real estate and technology – and marrying the two will make Qwesty very successful.