R360 Global’s Family-Centric Approach Fosters Collaboration and Legacy Building


MIAMI, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — R360 Global, a pioneering peer-to-peer wealth community, is redefining how ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their families approach wealth creation and legacy building. With a unique family-centric approach, R360 is about managing wealth and nurturing a holistic approach to wealth focused on six forms of capital: financial, intellectual, social, human, emotional, and spiritual capital. At each meeting, members set ambitious, year-long goals with the group holding them accountable, and R360 providing necessary resources to facilitate the achievement of these objectives.

At the core of R360’s philosophy is the belief that whether you’re charting a new course after selling a business or protecting multi-generational wealth, our member-led community transforms challenges into avenues for growth and enrichment. When members join R360, they don’t just become part of an organization; they become part of a family. This member-led, no sell environment fosters a truly collaborative space, allowing members to confidentially share ideas, concerns, and strategies.

“Our purpose is to create an oasis for strategic wealth creators and their families, where peer wisdom can help guide them through life’s intricacies and be a tool shaping an enduring legacy,” says Charlie Garcia, managing partner and founder of R360.

Legacy and purpose are paramount for R360 members. Given that members must have a net worth of at least $100M, many have achieved significant monetary milestones so questions often arise: “What’s next?” and “How can I guide the next generation to be responsible custodians of wealth?” Through small group meetings and tailored programming R360 provides the guidance and support to help members navigate these questions and chart a clear path forward.

What truly distinguishes R360 from other ultra-high-net-worth peer membership organizations is its inclusive approach. While most peer membership organizations cater primarily to individuals, R360 welcomes all family members, offering meaningful programming for spouses, young children, and adult children. This inclusive approach strengthens family bonds and fosters deep community ties and lasting friendships.

“The guidance our rising leaders receive and the insights they gain are invaluable and instill in them a true understanding of wealth and how they can make a global impact in their lives,” says Garcia.

For more information about R360 Global and its unique family-centric approach, email [email protected] or call 786.699.9498.

About R360 Global:

R360 is a by-invitation peer-to-peer community of extraordinary leaders and wealth creators stewarding family enterprises that thrive through life’s transitions. At R360, we believe wealth is about more than money. It’s about cultivating capital in all its forms: financial, intellectual, social, human, emotional, and spiritual. Bound by shared values, R360 members wish to inspire future generations and use their abilities, wealth, and knowledge to become a legendary force for change. Learn more at r360global.com.

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