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TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TipRanks Ltd. today announced that it will provide TipRanks’ exclusive data, from October 2023, to Rakuten Securities, Inc., one of the two largest online brokerages in Japan. Rakuten Securities, Inc., which hosts an incredible nine million securities accounts, is displaying TipRanks’ datasets, empowering investors to make smart, data-driven decisions. Rakuten Securities’ clients will be able to explore TipRanks’ top-level stock research tools to choose market-beating stocks. 

TipRanks gives Japanese investors, in an industry first in Japan*, access to the same data that the largest hedge funds use. Rakuten Securities’ clients can quickly and easily find all the recent analyst ratings on a stock, along with the analysts’ forecasted price targets, implied upsides or downsides, and analyst rating consensus. In addition, they can access customized, real-time lists of the most-rated stocks by analysts, giving them the means to discover the best stocks to invest in.

Even more, Rakuten Securities’ clients can check where leading hedge funds are investing their money, giving them the ability to follow legendary hedge fund managers. They can easily learn which stocks comprise a hedge fund’s portfolio, as well as which stocks the hedge funds are buying or selling.

Additionally, Rakuten Securities displays the insiders who are buying or selling stocks. TipRanks’ technology scans SEC filings to identify the latest insider transactions, and interprets the data to determine whether the transactions are Informative or Uninformative. All insiders are measured and ranked based on their historical track records, so investors can quickly and easily decide, based on their rankings, which insiders they want to follow.

Uri Gruenbaum, CEO of TipRanks, said, “TipRanks is proud to be integrated into Rakuten Securities’ brokerage platform. Rakuten Securities has again proven its potency as the brokerage company of choice for all customers – ranging from investment newcomers to seasoned traders – by choosing to partner with TipRanks, whose mission is to bring cutting-edge financial technology innovation to the everyday investor. Together, Rakuten Securities and TipRanks are giving Rakuten’s customers the best and latest stock research data and tools, as we level the playing field for all investors.” 

Yuji Kusunoki, CEO of Rakuten Securities, said, “Thanks to TipRanks’ wonderful service, Rakuten Securities users will be able to acquire more extensive investment information that will affect the future stock prices of individual US companies. By making it easy for Japanese investors to obtain information that Wall Street analysts cover but Japanese investors may not have had access to before, we will improve investors’ future investment decisions about US stocks. Rakuten Securities will continue to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, from investment novices who are starting to build assets to active traders, as an asset building companion.”

About TipRanks

TipRanks is an investment research company that levels the playing field, giving every investor access to invaluable stock research information that was formerly available only to top Wall Street experts. Using AI, TipRanks gathers publicly available information about stocks, and presents them in easy-to-understand datasets. Brokerages and banks as far spread as the U.S., Singapore, England and Canada have incorporated TipRanks’ stock research data into their platforms, giving their customers the means to bolster their investment returns.

About Rakuten Securities, Inc.

Rakuten Securities is the securities division of Rakuten Group (TOKYO: 4755), which operates as one of the Japan’s largest e-commerce providers.

Founded in 1999, Rakuten Securities is a leading Japanese online brokerage company. Rakuten Securities provides comprehensive financial brokerage services to over 9.0* million individual investors with a wide range of asset products; including domestic and international cash equities, derivatives, commodities, fixed income, investment trusts, ETFs and foreign exchange. With Rakuten Securities’ strong foundation rooted in the Japanese market, today our mission is to provide overseas investors with a broad range of investment services.

*As of April 2023


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