Recover Reputation Introduces Groundbreaking AI Reputation Management Service –

New York, NY, February 23, 2024 –(– The service provides comprehensive solutions, including building an authentic AI presence on platforms like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Gemini; suppressing negative AI-generated content; and correcting misleading AI responses. This cutting-edge approach targets businesses, CEOs, and individuals who face challenges such as missing AI search results, inaccurate AI-generated answers, or negative AI-created images.

Steven W. Giovinco, CEO and founder of Recover Reputation, states, “As AI continues to become the new Google, it’s vital that businesses and professionals are represented correctly and positively. Our AI Reputation Management service is designed to protect and enhance their presence on these emerging platforms.”

The launch of AI Reputation Management follows a successful case study in which a sustainable energy entrepreneur, previously hindered by negative search results and an absent AI presence, achieved positive representation across multiple countries and platforms within months, thanks to Recover Reputation’s strategic interventions.

About Recover Reputation
Recover Reputation is a boutique firm specializing in online and AI reputation management. Founded by Steven W. Giovinco, with over thirty years of business and technology experience, the company is committed to repairing, building, and boosting the web and AI presence of businesses, brands, and professionals worldwide. Recover Reputation employs a high-quality, hands-on approach, ensuring real results and ethical practices across various industries, including finance, law, healthcare, and the arts.