Rhunda Armstead’s New Book, “Seasons of Singleness,” is a Compelling Look at How the Author Embraces Her Life as a Single Woman and a Follower of Christ – PR.com


Spring Hill, TN, February 19, 2024 –(PR.com)– Fulton Books author Rhunda Armstead, who has been a Christian since the age of fifteen and has served in many capacities in church ministry since her teenage years, has completed her most recent book, “Seasons of Singleness: Navigating as a Christian Single”: a fascinating exploration of how the author manages to traverse life as both a single woman and a devout Christian in a way that still honors and upholds biblical teachings.

Having over twenty years of experience as a Christian single, Rhunda learned how to navigate emotional gaps in her life that were not always fulfilled through professional achievements, serving in ministry, or relationships. With God’s direction and His leading through the Holy Spirit, she has obtained wisdom and discipline to maintain a life of morale, principle, and peace. She has been able to apply biblical principles to everyday life in a manner that has allowed her to not compromise her faith while maintaining peace and joy in the Lord. These biblical applications and experiences are shared in “Seasons of Singleness.”

“I have often heard being single described as a season in life that will pass over time,” writes Armstead. “To imply this, implies that singleness occurs as a pattern of events that come and go based on an allotted set of time, a season.

“Having been single all my adult life, I began to challenge that theory. First, seasons are reoccurring without a known end to the recurrence. Second, seasons are predictive and start and end times are usually defined. Third, seasons only last for a specified amount of time. Based on my personal experience, this does not describe singleness. While in my place of singleness, I have found myself going through several cycles that are recurrent, predictive, and last for allotted periods of time. These are the seasons of singleness! As with climate and culture seasons, I have learned that I must prepare, adapt, and adjust for the seasons I encounter while in my place of singleness.”

Published by Fulton Books, Rhunda Armstead’s book is a unique and thought provoking look at how one can prepare for the different seasons of singleness throughout their lives, while still honoring Christ and centering their life around Him. Deeply personal and eye-opening, Armstead shares her story in the hope of helping other adult singles adopt a new way of thinking about their singleness and how it can co-exist with their Christian faith.

Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “Seasons of Singleness: Navigating as a Christian Single” at select bookstores, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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