Rich U. Ly and Brandon D. Ly’s New Book, “The Friend ‘Ly’ Forest,” Follows a Rabbit Who Chases After His Dreams, Only to Regret Leaving His Home and Best Friend Behind –

Middle Island, NY, January 23, 2024 –(– Fulton Books authors Rich U. Ly, a proud US Army Reserve Dental Officer who first enlisted as an army medic in 1994, and his son, Brandon D. Ly, have completed their most recent book, “The Friend ‘Ly’ Forest: An American Adventure in Adverbs and Adjectives”: a charming story of a rabbit named Rich who embarks on a grand adventure to follow his dreams, but ends up far from home and needing his best friend to save him.

Born in Vietnam in 1975 and given the name Uy-Tri Ly, author Rich U. Ly escaped the country along with his big brother Uy-Nhung Ly as toddlers and was separated from their parents before being reunited in Texas. In his other professional life, Rich is a general dentist practicing in Suffolk County, Long Island for Gentle Dental by Dental365. His coauthor and son, Brandon Daniel, “Fearless” Ly, is currently entering the fifth grade and loves sports, especially baseball and hockey, but spends most of his free time playing Roblox. More importantly, he represents the next generation of proud patriots who love their country.

Rich and Brandon write, “‘The Friend “Ly” Forest: An American Adventure in Adverbs and Adjectives’ represents our journey through this great country and all the incredible animals we meet along the way. What starts out as a rabbit, ‘Rich’ Ly, chasing a dream and losing his way but eventually learning to appreciate the life he left behind, following the rainbow in hopes of a better life without realizing how great his life already was back home with his best friend, ‘Devoted’ Ly, he realizes very quickly that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

“Along his adventure to get back home, Rich not only meets the best of what the Forest has to offer, but also the worst. Luckily, his faithful friend, Devoted, is hot on his trail with her relentless pursuit to save him from the dangers and temptations of the Forest. In her quest to rescue her companion, she meets ‘Fearless’ Ly, the baby dragon, and together they have an adventure of a lifetime. Not only do they conquer personal fears, building trust along the way with all the challenges they encounter. Will the lifelong companions be reunited before it’s too late, or is this just the beginning of the story?”

Published by Fulton Books, Rich U. Ly and Brandon D. Ly’s book is partly inspired by some of the amazing people who have had an impact on both authors’ lives and will take readers of all ages on a thrilling journey to discover what secrets the Friend “Ly” Forest holds. With colorful and vibrant artwork to help bring this magical story to life, “The Friend ‘Ly’ Forest: An American Adventure in Adverbs and Adjectives” is sure to leave readers spellbound right up until the thrilling conclusion, inviting them back to enjoy this delightful tale over and over again.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “The Friend ‘Ly’ Forest: An American Adventure in Adverbs and Adjectives” online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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