Ron Stieglitz’s Newly Released “Promises of the Word” is an Informative Study of What Can be Learned from Scripture of God’s Promises –

Green Bay, WI, February 19, 2024 –(– “Promises of the Word”: a thoughtful reflection on key scripture. “Promises of the Word” is the creation of published author, Ron Stieglitz, who earned a BS from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and advanced degrees in geology from the University of Illinois. He served a tour in Vietnam with the US Army, worked for the Ohio Geological Survey, and conducted research and taught geology and environment science courses for thirty years at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He has held leadership roles in Lutheran congregations in several states. He loved playing baseball and softball until long after it was time to quit. He now patiently follows the Milwaukee Brewers. A professor emeritus, he lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with his wife, Bev. They have four grown children, twelve grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Stieglitz shares, “In the New Testament, God promises eternal life for those who believe and have faith in his Son Jesus. Why should we believe it? Perhaps, it is an illusion and a comforting dream set forth and perpetuated by a number of men called apostles more than two thousand years ago. What evidence is there to support this most startling and significant promise? Well, to paraphrase a well-known saying, ‘Seek and you will find.’

“God’s promises are liberally sprinkled throughout the Old as well as the New Testament. He has promised blessings, things that are received but not deserved, and mercy, things that are not received but are deserved, many times and in many ways. His covenants with the Old Testament patriarchs are of such scale that they require study and contemplation to fully appreciate their meaning. To them, he promised land, influence, wealth, and heirs and that they would be the ancestors of the promised Messiah. Some are truly astounding! For example, Abraham’s wife, Sarah, would give birth to the long-promised genetic heir even though both were more than ninety years old. The same is true for the special baptism of the apostles with the promised Holy Spirit on Pentecost. Other promises in both Testaments are what I have termed the read-over type that are expressed in such a way in the text that we may pass by them with little note. We need to read more carefully.

“This book looks at some, certainly not all, of God’s promises to us. They are rich and abundant in the Word. They touch every aspect of our lives. All have been fulfilled except one—Christ’s return. It is my goal to increase the readers’ confidence in that event and in the hope of everlasting life because God is faithful and just and never lies.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Ron Stieglitz’s new book will challenge readers to a new understanding and appreciation of all that God offers.

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