Salt Financial and Nasdaq Expand Nasdaq-100 Volatility Control Indexes Suite for Insurance Companies: An Alternative for Fixed Index Annuities

GREENWICH, Conn., Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Salt Financial and Nasdaq, Inc. are proud to announce the launch of the Nasdaq-100 Volatility Control™ Indexes, designed exclusively for insurance companies. This suite expands the existing offering to include additional volatility targets to help solidify its position as a versatile solution for insurance companies looking to offer access to the popular Nasdaq-100 Index® as a volatility-controlled crediting option in their Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) or other indexed insurance products.

The Nasdaq-100 Volatility Control Index Suite includes:

  • Nasdaq-100 5% Volatility Control™ Index (XNDX5E™)
  • Nasdaq-100 7% Volatility Control™ Index (XNDX7E™)
  • Nasdaq-100 10% Volatility Control™ Index (XNDX10E™)
  • Nasdaq-100 12% Volatility Control™ Index (XNDX12E™)

This comprehensive array of volatility-targeted index options will empower insurance carriers to tailor their crediting strategies to their specific features and budgets, helping to ensure a precise alignment with their product goals.

The collaboration leverages Salt’s truVol® Risk Control Engine (RCE), an innovative, patent-pending risk management technology, that adjusts equity exposure based on market events, aiming to generate enhanced returns with more stable volatility.

By combining Nasdaq’s renowned index ecosystem with Salt’s groundbreaking truVol® RCE, the partnership caters to the needs of an evolving market and strives to support investors seeking risk-controlled and principal-protected investment as well as insurance products.

“This suite reflects our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that empower our partners to navigate even the most challenging market conditions,” said Tony Barchetto, CEO of Salt Financial. “Our ongoing collaboration with Nasdaq has yielded exceptional results, solidifying our shared vision of reshaping risk management in the financial industry.”

“The expansion of the Nasdaq-100 Volatility Control Indexes suite reinforces our shared dedication to bringing demand-driven, innovative solutions to redefine risk management in the insurance sector,” said Cameron Lilja, Vice President and Global Head of Index Product and Operations at Nasdaq. “Our partnership with Salt Financial continues to empower insurance carriers to differentiate their offerings across global markets.”

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Salt Financial LLC is a leading provider of index solutions and risk analytics, powered by the patent-pending truVol® Risk Control Engine (RCE). We leverage the rich information contained in intraday prices to better estimate volatility to develop index-based investment products for insurance carriers, investment banks, asset managers, and ETF issuers. Salt is committed to collaborating with industry leaders to empower the pursuit of financial outperformance for investors worldwide. For more information, please visit

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