Sardina Systems Announces Seamless Compatibility with New Gaudi2 Processors –

London, United Kingdom, February 07, 2024 –(– Sardina Systems, a leading provider of cloud infrastructure solutions, unveils the successful testing and integration of its software with the groundbreaking Gaudi2 processors. The compatibility of FishOS with Gaudi2 processors offers a significant leap in performance and efficiency for AI and machine learning (ML) applications.

The successful compatibility testing of FishOS with Gaudi2 processors opens up new possibilities for organizations looking to enhance the performance of deep learning workloads. FishOS, known for its ability to optimize resource usage and manage server states efficiently, complements the capabilities of the Gaudi2 processor, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings of cloud infrastructure. This proves that Gaudi2 computing resources can successfully pass through to virtual machines within the FishOS environment.

FishOS is a turnkey infrastructure solution designed to meet the needs of both traditional enterprise workloads and next-generation applications. It leverages AI-enabled workload and monitoring engines to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 10 times, optimize resource utilization, and provide automation with zero-click operations. The software ensures the reliability and efficiency of OpenStack and Kubernetes data centers.

Gaudi2, developed in collaboration with Habana Labs, is a cutting-edge AI processor designed to maximize training throughput and efficiency while offering optimized software and tools for various workloads and systems. The new Gaudi2 processor is built on a 7nm process technology and features 24 AI-customized Tensor Processor Cores, offering a significant boost in performance.

“We are thrilled to announce that FishOS is fully compatible with the Gaudi2 processors. It opens the door to more efficient deep learning training and inference workloads. Our solution, combined with the power of Gaudi2, offers a compelling opportunity for organizations to maximize their AI and machine learning capabilities while minimizing operational costs,” says Kenneth Tan, Executive Director at Sardina Systems.

The successful integration of FishOS and Gaudi2 processors provides organizations with improved price-to-performance ratios and significantly enhances their deep learning capabilities.