Sexual Harassment “Perpetrator” Targeted by Chicago-Based Non-Profit –

Chicago, IL, February 08, 2024 –(– The Wolf and The Bee, a Chicago-based, non-profit organization, is announcing a solution for workplace harassment and discrimination: The BeeMail.

The BeeMail is a notification process that directly contacts an offender, alerting the “perpetrator” of the need to change and address inappropriate behavior.

According to the founding partners of The Wolf and The Bee, The BeeMail facilitates a resolution for involved parties that does not require HR involvement.

The service strategically aims to stop escalation and provide faster resolution.

“The threat of retaliation from employers is a major reason why people don’t report harassment to HR,” said Sandy Lisonbee, co-founder of The Wolf and The Bee. “Sending The BeeMail offers a way to notify a person of their behavior without the risk of retaliation.”

In instances where HR involvement is required, The BeeMail provides proof of notification; tracks the email; and positions the sender as a problem-solver, demonstrating an effort toward resolving the issue.

Cheri Wolf, co-founder of The Wolf and The Bee, said, “We believe that The BeeMail can help create a more inclusive and respectful workplace for everyone.”

A survey taken of potential senders of The BeeMail received feedback such as, “I like that it’s directly going to the offender and starting the conversation.”

Another surveyee added, “We need to stop vilifying people for their behavior and, instead, invite them to learn, grow, and change.”

The BeeMail service can be accessed at, along with more information about the service, its risks, and benefits.

About The Wolf and The Bee
The Wolf and The Bee is a non-profit organization that provides information, resources, and tools to navigate and resolve workplace harassment and discrimination, with a focus on corporate culture and career development.

The BeeMail is a The Wolf and The Bee program. The Wolf and The Bee is fiscally sponsored by NOPI – Nonprofit Incubator, a program of NOPI INC, a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation and 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 81-5089505. Learn more at