ShopSee MD™ Unveils Patented, Innovative Medical Video Tool Streamlining Patient Procedure Comprehension and Consent, Tackling a $105B Healthcare Industry Problem –

Santa Barbara, CA, June 29, 2024 –(– Surgery procedures are often complex, expensive, and high-risk for both the healthcare organization and the patient. One area causing a significant financial loss is patient unpreparedness. Patients arriving unprepared for their surgery raise the financial risk for the healthcare organization and creates higher stress for the staff and patients, resulting in delays leading to higher costs in time and in money.

ShopSee MD™ is introducing a patented, turnkey HIPAA Compliant solution that uses interactive video to simplify complex information, confirm patient comprehension, consent, and compliance. ShopSee MD™ uses the healthcare organization’s existing video library to create interactive videos that can be e-mailed to patients or delivered within their patient portals to fully explain upcoming procedures, answer patient questions and capture signatures on paperwork required by the healthcare organization prior to the procedure date.

Benefits of this AI driven technology include:

· Higher Retention: Patients retain more than 80% usage and retention rate when watching and interacting with a video rather than reading as most are “visual learners”.

· Legal Compliance: Automatically confirm patients’ understanding throughout the video through interactive checkpoints which go straight into the healthcare organization’s records automatically.

· Clarification: Patients can clarify any item by clicking on it and bringing up more detail which are then confirmed by the patient as understood, going into the healthcare organization’s record automatically.

· Save Money: Mitigate lawsuits and wasted time due to patients being ill-prepared and having a lack of understanding about their procedure.

· Reduce Stress: Lower stress levels for patients and medical staff by having better prepared patients.

· Compliance: Electronically confirms patient compliance and agreement through interactive confirmation and final sign-off.

ShopSee MD™’s patented technology is built explicitly for Healthcare Enterprise (Privacy, Regulations, etc.) and is based around centralized AI-driven data. The AI-driven data uncovers deeper insights and improves patient understanding, creating cleaner healthcare organization-patient messaging.

Information about Shopsee, Inc.

ShopSee revolutionizes customer engagement through intelligent video, combining a patented, proprietary interactive platform with AI to enhance video intelligence, foster direct customer connections, and deliver profound business insights. Brands gain ownership of AI-driven customer data, facilitated by our centralized tech stack for seamless data and video interactivity management. Our AI/ML data layer transforms zero-first party data into actionable insights at scale, empowering brands to create immersive, personalized customer experiences. With our technology, any video becomes interactive through object mapping and embeddable integration into brand-owned platforms. Enterprises leverage our platform for unlimited campaigns, diverse CTAs within videos (e-commerce, informational, zero-party data, partnerships), and scalable data collection and organization.