Shuft Pro Commits to Data Privacy and Transparency by Achieving QG-GDPR Certification –

London, United Kingdom, November 25, 2023 –(– Shufti Pro, one of the leading IDV and KYC providers, shares a significant milestone with readers and the media. The platform has successfully attained a QG-GDPR certificate following a series of stringent assessments, validating Shufti Pro’s robust policies and data security measures to protect user data and provide transparency in data collection.

The QG-GDPR is an extension of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) that applies specifically to organisations that process, store, or utilise customer data for operational purposes. The certification obligates a business on how and what data they will store, process, and implement policies to secure it. Ultimately ensuring a robust data security firewall and 100% transparency in data collection.

According to a study by Forbes, global user data is worth $7.4 trillion, highlighting its incredibly high value. Therefore, governments worldwide are obligating organisations to implement secure protection measures for the data and to give the user control over what data the business collects from them. Shufti Pro recognises the importance of having a compliance standard and data processing framework to

“Being one of the leading KYC and IDV providers, it was essential for us to give our customers trust and confidence that all of our consumer data is 100% secure with us. That’s why we considered a QG-GDPR certification, one of the most potent data privacy regulations that is acknowledged and trusted worldwide. It validates our commitment and efforts in securing customers’ data and giving them 100% transparency of our data collection,” said Victor Fredung, CEO of Shufti Pro.

Shufti Pro obtained the certificate after having a comprehensive audit from a renowned auditing firm. The company took diligent steps to meet QG-GDPR guidelines and obligations. This included an examination of processes for the collection and storage of customer data. The company also conducted a risk assessment against cyber attacks and implemented robust measures, both physically and digitally to prevent data breaches. Shufti Pro, earlier this year, attained renowned data regulation certifications, including GDPR, ISO 27001:2013, and CCPA.

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