Shufti Pro Introduces Enhanced Face Verification Fortifying Businesses Aginst Deepfake Fraud –

London, United Kingdom, November 23, 2023 –(– Shufti Pro, one of the leading KYC, KYB, and AML screening providers, is announcing an update regarding its primary services. The company is unveiling an enhanced face verification solution that is more precise, accurate and deters spoofing attempts better than ever before. The all-new platform now incorporates 3D depth perception and liveness detection that’s powered by the proprietary machine learning algorithm of Shufti Pro, aiming to eliminate the modern ID scam attempts from the digital economy.

According to the 2023 report of, around 9 out of 10 internet users have come across content they suspect to be a scam. The report also states that 51% of surveyed people have fallen victim to an impersonation scam at least once in their lifetime. It’s the most recent report, and these statistics represent the immense market of online scams and how it’s affecting the daily livelihood of internet users.

Scammers are even becoming more sophisticated through the generative AI, making it easier for them to bypass conventional biometric systems. Shufti Pro has taken exhaustive steps to deter rising numbers of fraudsters from engaging in malicious activities and harming internet users financially and privacy-wise. The cross-industry platform can now deter all modern impersonation scams with an accuracy of up to 99% whilst maintaining a user experience rate of up to 98%.

“Shufti Pro has always been working to enable organisations to accurately establish, maintain, and reassert customers from onboarding to ongoing monitoring. Our all-new platform can now prevent fraud attempts of generative AI and deepfakes with more precision than ever before, fortifying businesses against the growing cybercrime concerns,” said Victor Fredung, CEO of Shufti Pro.

Key features include:

AI mapping to accurately identify human features.
Microexpression analysis to analyse human expression, such as blinking and smiling.
3D depth analysis to identify the depth of human features, capable of identifying deepfake attempts with 100% accuracy.
Easy selfie verification with support for 10,000+ IDs.

About Shufti Pro

Shufti Pro is a leading IDV service provider offering KYC, KYB, KYI, e-IDV, AML screening, biometric verification, and OCR solutions, accelerating trust worldwide. It has seven international offices and has launched 17+ complimentary IDV products and solutions since its inception in 2017. With the ability to automatically and securely verify over 10,000 ID documents in more than 150+ languages, Shufti Pro proudly serves customers in 240+ countries and territories.

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