Silent Majority Group Announces Ground-Breaking Solution for Artists in the Streaming Era –

Orlando, FL, January 30, 2024 –(– Silent Majority Group (SMG), the brainchild of industry luminary Jeff Hanson, founder of the first-ever 360° deal for an American artist, once again leads the way in revolutionizing the music industry. With a rich history that includes managing and promoting successful artists like Creed and Paramore, SMG unveils a new paradigm for the current challenges facing musicians in the streaming age.

In 2006, a notable collaboration between a major label, one of his clients, their attorney and Hanson led to the creation of the first 360° deal. This groundbreaking deal, setting a new industry standard, prioritized artists by involving the label in their touring, merchandise, and publishing in exchange for support.

In 2007, Hanson demonstrated his ingenuity once again, guiding Alternative Rock artist Framing Hanley to success with an unconventional move. Recognizing the potential of a new Lil Wayne song, Hanson had the band record their version, at nearly the exact time of Lil Wayne’s release, leading to significant radio play and chart success.

Fast forward nearly two decades, SMG, with a team of young executives, addresses the challenges faced by artists in the current music business. With the decline of CD sales, artists heavily rely on streaming payments, resulting in significantly reduced royalties. Labels sign fewer artists for less money, and the days of lavish spending on artist development are gone.

SMG emerges as a comprehensive label services solution, offering a network of multi-platinum and emerging writers and producers, access to world-class recording studios, and a team of marketing professionals armed with cutting-edge concepts. The unique aspect of SMG’s approach is its flexibility — services are available to anyone with talent on an a la carte basis.

SMG provides a range of services, including songwriting, recording, distribution, playlisting, marketing, and artwork creation, all done by top-level professionals, for under $10,000 per song. This cost-effective model is designed for budget-conscious and blue-collar artists, allowing them to pay only for the services they need.

An additional standout feature of SMG’s approach is the absence of contracts or terms. Artists pay fees monthly or per song, with no ownership of their rights given to SMG. If an artist achieves success, there are no percentages, points, or back-end payments owed to SMG.

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