Sineng Electric Unveils the Next-Generation PV and Energy Storage Solutions at RE+ 2023

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sineng Electric, a global leading manufacturer of PV and energy storage inverters, revealed the next-generation product portfolio during RE+ 2023 expo. The displayed innovations have been meticulously designed, aligning with America’s ambitious objective to reduce the cost of solar energy by 60% within the coming decade.

Leading the Green Revolution with Utility-Scale PV Solutions

The 3.6/3.75MW central inverters soon took center stage upon its unveiling which ensure optimal LCOE with 2 MPPTs and a high DC/AC ratio. The product lineup extends to the 3.6/3.75MW MV turnkey stations, with a medium-voltage transformer integrated. Engineered for ultimate convenience, the compact 20-ft container size and pre-assembled design simplify both the delivery process and subsequent commissioning procedures.

Exemplified by SP-350K-USH, the string PV inverter solution from Sineng Electric offers exceptional versatility across various scenarios. Equipped with 12 MPPTs, supporting up to 32 strings and a flexible DC/AC ratio, the product is tailor-made to meet customers’ diverse needs while its CEC efficiency of 98.5%, further ensures the superior performance and higher yields.

Utility-Scale Energy Storage Solutions to Optimize LCOS

A standout of Sineng’s showcase is the 3.45/4MW MV turnkey station, compromised of two units of 1.725/2MW central PCS and a transformer. It is designed to be compatible with batteries above 306Ah. Featuring phase change heat dissipation, NEMA type 3R protection rating and PCS efficiency of up to 98.9%, the 3.45/4MW MV turnkey station encapsulates an impeccable fusion of efficiency, reliability, and safety.

The spotlight also falls upon the 2.4-4MW MV turnkey stations, an assembly of 200kW string PCS. The incorporation of rack-level battery management translates into enhanced charging and discharging capacity, while the modular design expedites on-site replacements, significantly augmenting system availability.

Mr. Qiang Wu, chairman of Sineng Electric, emphasized, “Through our wide range of offerings which cater to diverse needs, Sineng Electric strives to redefine industry boundaries, foster changes, and act as a driving force in the journey towards a more environmentally-conscious future.”

About Sineng

Sineng Electric Co., Ltd. is a global leading supplier of a comprehensive product portfolio including PV and energy storage inverters for utility-scale, commercial, and residential applications. With four R&D centers, three manufacturing facilities, and 40GW annual production capacity, Sineng’s commitment to technological innovation has enabled more people to access cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable energy.

SOURCE Sineng Electric