Siren Song Wines and Blue Spirits Distilling Announce Exclusive Partnership to Elevate Winery Beverage Experience –

Chelan, WA, March 25, 2024 –(– Siren Song Wines and Blue Spirits Distilling are thrilled to announce a unique partnership, set to redefine the winery beverage experience in the heart of Washington State. Beginning April 1, 2024, Siren Song Wines will proudly offer a curated selection of craft cocktails exclusively featuring Blue Spirits Distilling alongside its own Siren Song wine and food offerings.

The move is in line with 2024 trends, including Data Essential’s 2024 Future of Drink Report, citing “Cross-Over Beverage Creations” as a mega trend, with wine cocktails ranking highest in awareness among top trends. Additionally,’s 2024 Food and Drink Trends report cites an emphasis on “Global Flavors.”

This collaboration between two premium beverage brands, both of which started business in Chelan, Washington, brings together the European-inspired artisanal craftsmanship of Siren Song Wines and the distilling mastery of Blue Spirits to create an unparalleled experience for cocktail enthusiasts, wine connoisseurs, and Siren Club members alike.

We decided to exclusively offer cocktails featuring the Blue Spirits Distilling brand because of the alignment in our respective brands around quality, beauty, taste, and mutual Lake Chelan origins. Blue Spirits’ breadth of offerings from gin and vodka to tequila, bourbon, plus a variety of flavored spirits like mango, pickle and pepper vodka, or cherry bourbon, rye and rum allows Siren Song and endless palette for craft cocktail options, including wine-based cocktails, such as the Siren Song French 75.

Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of France, Spain, and Italy, the cocktail menu at Siren Song Wines is designed to transport guests on a journey through the distinctive flavors of each region. Crafted in collaboration by the expert mixologists at Blue Spirits, each Siren Song cocktail will be a celebration of the unique terroir and traditions that define the essence of French, Spanish, and Italian drinking cultures.

Guests can indulge in a variety of enticing concoctions, including the timeless elegance of the French 75, the vibrant allure of Boozy Sangria, the sophisticated charm of an Italian-style Old Fashioned, the zesty delight of Margaritas, the effervescent joy of French Fizz, the bold complexity of Negroni, and many more.

Central to the creation of these exquisite cocktails is the use of Blue Spirits’ premium spirits, distilled with the purest water sourced from the pristine North Cascades. This commitment to quality and authenticity ensures that every sip is a moment of pure pleasure and indulgence.

“We are incredibly excited to embark on this journey with Blue Spirits Distilling,” said Kevin Brown, Co-founder and Head Winemaker of Siren Song Wines. “This partnership represents a convergence of craftsmanship, innovation, and passion, allowing us to offer our guests an unparalleled cocktail experience that complements the exceptional wines and culinary offerings at Siren Song.”

Echoing this sentiment, Jeff Soehren, Owner and Director of Distilling Operations at Blue Spirits Distilling, stated, “At Blue Spirits, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of craft distilling and creating spirits of unparalleled quality. Partnering with Siren Song Wines enables us to showcase the versatility and complexity of our spirits in a new and exciting context, while celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of the world’s most iconic drinking destinations.”

The partnership between Siren Song Wines and Blue Spirits Distilling promises to elevate and expand the “winery beverage scene,” and offers Siren Club members additional membership benefits, inviting guests to embark on a sensory journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional wine clubs.

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About Siren Song Wines:
Holly and Kevin Brown believe everyone has a “calling,” a “Siren Song.” Their calling is to share the romance of European style and hand-crafted wines paired with a mouth-watering menu at their Provençal style estate winery. Holly (Executive Chef) and Kevin (Head Winemaker) take you on a culinary adventure at their 7-acre Vineyard Estate perched on the South Shore of Lake Chelan, WA. At Siren Song you’ll discover wine tasting, dining, spirited cocktails, special events, live music, cooking classes, and overnight stays with a European-inspired hospitality experience.

About Blue Spirits Distilling:
Jeff and Heidi Soehren began Blue Spirits Distilling in the heart of Chelan, inspired by the pristine water from the third deepest lake in America, Lake Chelan. From the blue lake came the inspiration for Blue Spirits. The husband and wife team started in a 900 square foot cabana on Lake Chelan and now run their multi-faceted operation out of 25,000 square feet of production and tasting room facilities. Blue Spirits produces over 15 spirits through retail and wholesale.