SpendEdge Empowers Global CPG Company to Embrace Sustainable Packaging for Personal Care Products


SpendEdge procurement advisors swiftly identified key manufacturers and suppliers within the market. Our experts diligently engaged with various stakeholders, including manufacturers and suppliers, to conduct a thorough evaluation of sustainability initiatives in packaging. This comprehensive investigation encompassed in-depth discussions and assessments of strategies aimed at achieving eco-friendly packaging solutions.

In addition to our assessment, we furnished the company with a comprehensive set of recommendations encompassing best practices observed among other CPG companies in the realm of sustainable packaging. Our guidance included insights into optimizing packaging size to reduce waste, the utilization of biodegradable materials, and the adoption of innovative designs that minimize resource usage.

The insights provided by SpendEdge empowered the company to gain a clear understanding of the supply landscape, pinpoint gaps in their own packaging strategies, and potentially pave the way for innovation by implementing sustainable practices aligned with consumer preferences and regulatory requirements. The findings further facilitated a deeper comprehension of the initiatives undertaken by leading Personal Care brands on a global scale. Moreover, the company garnered valuable insights into the sustainability and innovative capabilities of suppliers catering to the Personal Care sector.

SpendEdge’s commitment to delivering actionable market intelligence equips organizations with the knowledge needed to drive sustainability, meet consumer demands, and remain at the forefront of industry innovation.

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