Steven E. Sprague’s Newly Released “Understanding His Story: Humanity’s Eleventh Hour” is a Helpful Resource for Students of the Bible –

Rapid River, MI, January 18, 2024 –(– “Understanding His Story: Humanity’s Eleventh Hour”: an articulate and easy to follow biblical study. “Understanding His Story: Humanity’s Eleventh Hour” is the creation of published author, Steven E. Sprague, a dedicated husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.

Sprague shares, “Our Father tells us that if we want to know about the end-times with understanding, then ask Him. He will inundate every person who asks with this knowledge explaining His truths as recorded in His Word. All the events leading up to the end of this dispensation of time, this second world age in which humankind has inhabited the earth, have been presented by our Father in His written letter to us—the Bible.

“This book explains the who, what, where, when, and why of these events as written straight from the Bible in witness to the world events of today. When necessary, copies of the original manuscripts of the earliest Hebrew and Greek languages in which the Bible was first written are utilized, preserving God’s truths apart from any of man’s influencing academia, religions, denominations, doctrines, tenants, traditions, interpretations, philosophies, theologies, commentaries, or fables—just the Bible.

“The end of this age centers on two tribulations, Satan’s originating first, followed by Christ’s Second Advent, His return. To fully understand them and their purpose, one must be cognizant of the whole story fundamental to understanding the mysteries of God’s master plan established from the beginning, from the very first earth and heaven age.

“Sadly, most people are unlearned, therefore oblivious to God’s realities as we go about our daily lives today. Knowledge of these events is brought forth in biblical teachings. This book explains these teachings and will provide a comprehensive understanding of God’s whole story. Besides the subjects as indexed, you will learn of many other things, such as the simplicity in purpose of God’s plan of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ; the documenting of this generation as the last; an understanding in witness to the four dynasties bringing about the establishment of globalism today—the one-world order—and how these and many other things work together in culminating the end to this earth age and more.

“It is ‘His Story,’ and as His children, it is imperative that we understand our Father’s final plea as we approach the end to this dispensation of time. This is ‘Humanity’s Eleventh Hour.’”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Steven E. Sprague’s new book will bring perspective to our current world’s place in God’s plan.

Consumers can purchase “Understanding His Story: Humanity’s Eleventh Hour” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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