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Grafenberg, Germany, May 17, 2024 –(PR.com)– AMPF Advanced Polymers is presenting high-performance electro casting resins and gap fillers for the electrical and electronics industry at PCIM Europe from June 11 to 13 in Nuremberg – Hall 6 / Booth 6-427.

RAMPF Electro casting resins

One- and two-component electro casting resins reliably and efficiently protect sensitive electrical/electronic components, batteries, motors, power electronics, sensors, and transformers from chemical substances and environmental influences such as heat, cold, and moisture. The potting systems are listed by leading manufacturers in the automotive and electronics industries, among others.

RAKU® PUR Polyurethane electro casting resins

Typical applications: Casting of circuit boards, capacitors, inverters, sensors, inductors, EMC filters, and many more.


Wide Shore hardness range (20A – 90D)

Easy adjustment of reactivity

Low shrinkage

Low exothermicity

Fast processing

High shock resistance

Good adhesion to plastics

RAKU® POX Epoxy electro casting resins

Typical applications: Casting of capacitors, motors, transformers, circuit boards, control devices, and many more.


High mechanical strength and good adhesion to metal

Very good chemical resistance

Very good impregnation

High abrasion resistance

RAKU® SIL Silicone electro casting resins

Typical applications: Casting of printed circuit boards, sensors, power electronics, chargers, control units, sensors, batteries, and many more.


Very good temperature resistance

Consistent properties over the entire application temperature range

Good aging resistance

High thermal conductivity

Good crack resistance

Very good chemical resistance

High UV and weather resistance

Minimal SVHC levels

RAMPF Gap Fillers

Gap fillers (thermal pastes) based on silicone are primarily used in components in the power electronics and battery industries to close gaps between the components and the heat-dissipating surface. The high thermal conductivity of the thermal interface materials is further increased by thinner adhesive joints and good wetting.

RAKU® SIL Silicone gap filler

Typical applications: Power electronics, automotive electronic components, computers, peripherals, and many more


High continuous temperature resistance

Good aging resistance

Low density

Good thixotropic properties for ideal processing

Low SVHC values

Optimal heat dissipation for efficient performance and long service life of components

Key facts

Electro casting resins and gap fillers from RAMPF Advanced Polymers ensure optimum functionality and maximum durability of electrical/electronic components.

Electro casting resin systems provide reliable and efficient protection against chemical substances and environmental influences such as heat, cold, and moisture.

Gap fillers ensure optimum heat dissipation and protect sensitive components from overheating.

Visit RAMPF Advanced Polymers at PCIM Europe from June 11 to 13 in Nuremberg, Germany – Hall 6 / Booth 6-427.