Tanktwo Launches New Battery Strategy + Technology Workshop – PR.com


Sunnyvale, CA, February 23, 2024 –(PR.com)– Tanktwo, a trailblazing green tech startup specializing in cutting-edge battery management solutions backed by 31 patents, launches a Battery Strategy + Technology Workshop offering.

These customized, intensive half-day or full-day events help executives, product managers, and engineering teams develop fresh perspectives to drive innovation in their electrification initiatives and battery solutions.

“For executives, making strategic decisions in a fast-evolving field is never easy — especially when battery solution isn’t their company’s core competence,” says Bert Holtappels, founder of Tanktwo. “Product managers must consider sourcing, logistics, inventory management, time to market, and post-sales maintenance, while engineers are often stuck with generic battery packs that aren’t ideal for their product simply because of time and resource constraints.”

These workshops address the above challenges by guiding strategic decisions, providing fresh perspectives on electrification trends, helping integrate a battery solution into a product development project, and solving big hairy engineering problems.

Learn more about Battery Strategy Workshop for executives and product managers at www.tanktwo.com/battery-strategy-workshop.

Learn more about Battery Technology Workshop for product managers and engineering teams at www.tanktwo.com/battery-technology-workshop.

About Tanktwo
Founded in 2013, Tanktwo Inc. pioneers data-driven, software-defined batteries to accelerate the development of green tech solutions, making electrification more accessible and sustainable. The Tanktwo Battery Operating System (TBOS) offers product builders an API-like solution to create scalable, flexible, reliable, safe, and cost-efficient custom battery packs without lengthy development cycles and R&D investment.

To learn more about Tanktwo, visit www.tanktwo.com.