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Portland, OR, May 18, 2024 –(PR.com)– TaskHub Unites Tasks, Responsibilities, and Educational Activities
For task management software, it’s important to organize all work activities in one place, without excessive clicks and distractions. There are four elements with which TaskHub realizes this.

Dashboard with task creation and assignment features.

Task views with metrics, deadlines, and surveying features.

Subtasks and task series to organize tasks together and create seamless workflows

Feedback and reporting, so employees can send reports based on their work.

Along with the CleverLMS focus on personalization, TaskHub leads to a unified company task space where all activities can be quickly accessed and regulated, multiplying the company’s efficiency.

Real-World Usage Scenarios to Solve Corporate Problems
CleverLMS has surveyed its customers to understand how TaskHub is being utilized across various departments. As a result, five of the most used scenarios were defined.

Quality assurance can be realized as employees submit photo and video reports and feedback to improve workflow based on their experience.

Sales team management includes sales plan creation, training, and productivity assessment to understand how well salespeople are completing their tasks and what can be improved.

HR management includes interactive communication for surveys, requests, and complaints to ensure seamless interactions between all staff members.

Checklists for onboarding and learning can be used to track the task and educational activities’ completion.

Surveys and audits can be launched at any time, so managers can evaluate on skills, competencies, and learning content understanding of employees.

TaskHub Bridges Gaps between Tasks and Learning
With its unified dashboard, rich task management features, and extensive learning instruments, TaskHub serves as an ultimate tool to ensure that workforce skills are constantly rising and all work processes become standardized and easy to conduct.

Employees can quickly report all arising problems and suggest improvements to the company’s workflows, democratizing the administration. Managers can observe everything happening in the company and regulate it using task management, checklists, and surveys.

CleverLMS’s pricing is very flexible, as customers can select only those features they need using the pricing calculator, starting from $1 per user per month. In addition, they obtain the customized app version, based on their corporate branding. Such accessibility makes it an ideal option for a wide range of companies: each of them can choose the option they need.

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